Siya Kolisi

Siya Kolisi has received another incredible accolade. Photo: X

Trevor Noah’s tribute to Siya Kolisi: ‘He’s the embodiment of hope’

After being named in TIME Magazine’s illustrious TIME100 list for 2024, Siya Kolisi received a special tribute from Trevor Noah.

Siya Kolisi

Siya Kolisi has received another incredible accolade. Photo: X

Siya Kolisi and Trevor Noah are two world-renowned icons from South Africa, with the Springbok captain having inspired a nation through his leadership and success on and off the field.

Meanwhile, Noah is a world famous comedian, writer, and Emmy-winning television host, who is one of the most famous people in the world.

Kolisi has now joined a remarkable group of people who’ve cracked the TIME100 list, and Noah wrote a meaningful tribute message.

“You can’t really separate South Africa’s history from rugby. Nelson Mandela once offered rugby as an olive branch between opposing sides of the country, so there’s an immense amount of pride when it comes to the sport. It’s like the connective tissue of the nation.

“Siya Kolisi, as the captain of the national rugby team, is right at the centre. He’s been the embodiment of hope during a time in which many South Africans find it hard to hold on to any. Through political strife, an energy crisis, and the effects of COVID-19, Siya has made rugby into something more than just a competition. His multiple victories—the country’s victories—have meant so much.

“Through his wisdom and humility, Siya has taught us what a powerful captain should be: someone who serves and inspires those he leads. And for him to lead a team in a historically white sport, to be loved and adored by fans of all races, is an immense achievement.

“Siya is an incessant warrior on the field, but he’s also a doting dad, a loving husband, and a great friend. He’s given so much to a nation of 62 million people. I hope he’s been savouring every moment of his success.”

Siya Kolisi has already transcended the game

In 2019, President Cyril Ramaphosa and Caster Semenya were included, while Noah himself appeared in 2018.

Compiled by more than 50 contributers to the American news magazine, it was first published in 1999 as the result of a debate among American academics, politicians, and journalists.

It is now a highly anticipated annual event.

“Being named to the 2024 #TIME100 list is an incredible honour, one that deeply humbles me,” Kolisi said on his social media page.

“It’s a profound responsibility to stand alongside individuals who dedicate their lives to enriching others.

“This recognition isn’t just for me, it reflects the numerous individuals and communities who have poured into me and shaped me to be person I am, and am becoming.”