Springboks and All Blacks tour close to a reality. Image: EPA/YOAN VALA

Get ready! Springboks-All Blacks tours in the works

The iconic Springboks-All Blacks tours, a symbol of rugby’s golden era, could make a thrilling comeback. Find out here!


Springboks and All Blacks tour close to a reality. Image: EPA/YOAN VALA

Rugby enthusiasts hold their breath in anticipation! The iconic tours featuring the legendary Springboks and their fierce rivals, the All Blacks, are edging closer to reality. New Zealand Rugby (NZR) has confirmed that talks with SA Rugby are well underway, promising the possibility of a dramatic revival for one of the most celebrated contests in all of sport.

A Blast from the Past

The proposed format pays homage to a cherished era in rugby history. The world’s two rugby powerhouses would clash in a captivating series of three Test matches. These would be interspersed with thrilling midweek exhibitions against local talent.

Tours would take place every four years, alternating between the breathtaking landscapes of South Africa and New Zealand. The Springboks’ fans might get their chance first, potentially hosting a tour as early as 2026, followed by a return trip to New Zealand in 2030.

Why the Springboks Tours Matter

The return of these time-honoured tours would mark a turning point in international rugby. It would provide a welcome change from the prevailing focus on shorter tournaments and championships.

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With the Springboks’ recent shift to European club competitions, these tours take on additional significance. They create a compelling clash of styles and strategies, pitting Southern and Northern Hemisphere rugby giants against each other.

Springboks Tours: Gaining Support from Key Figures

NZR chief executive Mark Robinson has voiced his enthusiasm for the project. “There’s been some talk around All Blacks and Springboks tours. We’re continuing to talk about those opportunities,” he confirmed. This highlights a shared desire to honor a tradition that has shaped international rugby.

Hurdles and Hopes for the Springboks Tours

To make this dream a reality, adjustments to the Rugby Championship schedule would be needed in tour years. Gaining the support of Australia and Argentina is crucial for a seamless transition. These details were high on the agenda during a recent Sanzaar meeting, showing a commitment to finding solutions.

A Glimpse of Rugby’s Thrilling Future

“It’s definitely something that’s on the radar,” affirms Robinson. While the logistics are still being refined, the potential revival of Springboks-All Blacks tours fuels excitement across the rugby world. It speaks to the sport’s timeless allure and the possibility of a future where enduring rivalries take the spotlight once more, offering fans an unparalleled spectacle of rugby excellence.