Chasing the Sun 2

Chasing the Sun 2 episode 1 was sensational. Image: x/Twitter

Chasing the Sun 2 Ep1: ‘We are the only thing that works in South Africa’

“Chasing the Sun 2” debuts! Get an inside look at the Springboks’ journey to the World Cup, with raw emotion and powerful storytelling.

Chasing the Sun 2

Chasing the Sun 2 episode 1 was sensational. Image: x/Twitter

The highly anticipated first episode of “Chasing the Sun 2” premiered last night, offering an unfiltered and emotionally charged look inside the South African Springboks camp as they embark on their journey to the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

Building upon the groundbreaking original series, this new chapter promises to be even more raw, real and inspiring.

Rassie Erasmus Sets the Tone in Chasing the Sun 2

From the opening scene, head coach Rassie Erasmus sets the tone with a powerful declaration: “We are the only thing that works in South Africa.”

This bold statement encapsulates the immense pressure and responsibility the Springboks carry on their shoulders as they strive to unite and uplift a nation through rugby. Erasmus’ vulnerability shines through as he apologises for his handling of the controversial Nick Berry incident, admitting “I f**ked it up.”

This moment of introspection humanises the often-fiery coach, showcasing his growth and determination to learn from past mistakes. “I f**ked it up and I apologised,” Erasmus reflects, revealing a side of himself rarely seen by the public.

Fierce Competition and Bittersweet Moments

The episode also provides an intimate look at the fierce competition within the Springbok squad itself. Watching the two Bok packs “scrumming each other to a standstill” during training sessions highlights the incredible depth of talent and the relentless drive that defines this team.

For players like Kwagga Smith, the agony of missing out on selection is palpable. Smith’s light-hearted quip about everyone needing to “bring their packet of chips to the party” belies the disappointment he feels when not chosen for the Scotland game. Knowing the impact Kwagga would go on to have makes it so bittersweet.

Chasing the Sun 2: Balancing Intensity with Levity

Yet amidst the intensity, there are also moments of levity and camaraderie. The classical music accompanying Manie Libbok’s no-look kicks injects a sense of joy and personality into the documentary, while the Springboks’ rallying cry of “we are not f**king stupid, we have a plan” showcases their unbreakable bond and shared determination.

Perhaps the most poignant scene revolves around Makazole Mapimpi receiving his Springbok cap. As the winger is overwhelmed with emotion, even SA Rugby president Mark Alexander is moved to tears.

This powerful moment encapsulates the pride and unity that the Springboks represent for South Africa. “Just hearing that intro song puts a lump in my throat,” admits a user on Reddit, echoing the sentiments of countless fans.

The Journey Continues

As the episode concludes with the cliffhanger of Malcolm Marx’s training injury, anticipation for the rest of the series reaches a fever pitch. The Springboks’ journey is far from over, with Erasmus promising that “we are not f**king stupid, we have a plan.”

It’s a plan that has already captured the hearts of a nation, and with “Chasing the Sun 2,” the Springboks invite the world to join them on their quest for greatness. As a user on Reddit says, “Netflix executives should watch that, compared to their 6 Nations documentary to learn how to make a proper rugby documentary.”

Indeed, if the first episode is any indication, “Chasing the Sun 2” is poised to be a masterclass in sports storytelling – raw, real, and utterly riveting. The Springboks’ journey continues, and we are all invited along for the ride.