Springboks alternative kit. Photo by SteveHaagSports/INPHO/Shutterstock/Backpagepix

Springboks break tradition with alternative kit against Scotland

Springboks’ alternative kit at the Rugby World Cup sparks curiosity: Why the jersey switch against Scotland?


Springboks alternative kit. Photo by SteveHaagSports/INPHO/Shutterstock/Backpagepix

Addressing colour blindness with inclusive jersey switch

The Springboks made a bold statement by donning an alternative “hyper jade” kit for their Rugby World Cup opener against Scotland. Breaking from the tradition of both teams wearing their iconic home strips, the jersey change aimed to make the match more inclusive for viewers with colour vision deficiency.

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Springboks alternative kit meets contrast needs

Part of World Rugby’s initiative to be more accessible for colour blindness, the kit provides the needed visual contrast against Scotland’s navy blue.

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While the classic green and gold will return when the Boks face rivals New Zealand, this progressive move sets an inclusive tone.

Springboks make change while honouring tradition

For years, clashes between the teams resulted in Scotland keeping their home kit while the Boks adjusted to white and green. This time, the script flipped with Scotland retaining their classic stripe while the Boks wore an alternative strip.

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The contrast meets accessibility needs while still allowing both teams moments to don their iconic home kits during the tournament. Fans can expect more strategic Springboks alternative kit choices to ensure sufficient contrast while honouring tradition.

Springboks alternative kit shows inclusivity

This shift speaks to rugby’s growing commitment to inclusivity. Adjusting kits shows awareness of diversity and works to make the game enjoyable for all viewers.

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Proactively ensuring accessibility reflects well on a sport expanding its reach globally. As the Boks work to be more welcoming, prioritizing diversity and inclusion is crucial.

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The Springboks alternative kit made a statement, but rugby’s spirit persists. Kudos to World Rugby for taking steps to make the game inclusive.