Springbok flyhalf, Handre Pollard. Photo: Dave Winter/Shutterstock/Backpagepix

Pollard spills on Springboks’ gruelling journey to World Cup glory!

Handre Pollard opens up about the Springboks’ challenging World Cup journey and its impact on South Africa.


Springbok flyhalf, Handre Pollard. Photo: Dave Winter/Shutterstock/Backpagepix

The South African rugby team’s remarkable journey in the recent World Cup has been a source of national pride and intense emotional investment, especially for key players like flyhalf Handre Pollard. In an interview with Sky Sports, Pollard revealed the personal toll and the unyielding team spirit that fuelled their success.

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Pollard: Unexpected Call to Action

Pollard’s World Cup experience was unexpected, as he wasn’t initially selected for the 33-man squad. His entry came following Malcolm Marx‘s injury during the group stages.

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Despite this sudden change, Pollard embraced his role wholeheartedly, contributing significantly from the bench in the quarterfinals and semifinals, before leading as the No.10 in the final. This adaptability underlines the team’s resilient culture, where each member, playing or not, is dedicated to the collective goal.

A Challenging Road to Victory

The Springboks’ path to victory in this World Cup was notably more demanding compared to their 2019 campaign. Facing top-tier teams like Scotland, Ireland, France, England, and the All Blacks, the Boks demonstrated remarkable fortitude, winning all play-off games by a narrow one-point margin.

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Pollard, reflecting on this journey, highlighted the incredible emotional and physical demands placed on the team, underscoring the unique challenges of this World Cup run.

More Than Just a Game

For Pollard and his teammates, the impact of their victory extends beyond the field. It’s about bringing joy to a nation where happiness can sometimes be scarce. The flyhalf spoke about the profound sense of purpose and pride derived from representing the Springboks, a sentiment deeply ingrained in the team’s ethos.

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This victory is not just a sporting achievement but a source of national inspiration and unity, something Pollard and the team cherish and aim to protect.