Rondebosch Boys' High School. Photo: Via school website.

Rondebosch Boys’ High School. Photo: Via school website.

Coach at prominent Cape school abused, threatened by parent for son’s non-selection

Rondebosch Boys’ High has been hit with more controversy after it was revealed that an unhappy parent used intimidation tactics to get a coach to select his son in the 1st XV.

Rondebosch Boys' High School. Photo: Via school website.

Rondebosch Boys’ High School. Photo: Via school website.

Rondebosch Boys’ High School has been forced to call in legal help to protect 1st XV coach Joel Carew after he received threats from an unhappy parent.

According to Sunday newspaper Rapport, the abuse became so bad that Carew, a former UCT and Western Province U19 player and graduate of Rondebosch, considered leaving his position as a teacher and coach at the school.

The parent, who is believed to be a well-known businessman, was unhappy that his son was not selected for the 1st XV and allegedly confronted, abused and threatened Carew at a training session. He also reportedly sent “aggressive” text messages to the coach.

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The incidents saw Rondebosch principal Shaun Simpson write a wide-ranging three-page letter to parents, saying that “intimidation tactics…from certain parents” had forced the school to seek legal help to protect their teachers and coaches.

“In their relentless search for self-fulfillment through their son’s sporting achievements, some parents have turned their backs on age-old ways of dialogue and partnership between parents and schools,” Simpson was quoted by Rapport.

“Any threats of violence, acts of intimidation or actions that threaten the physical or psychological safety of the educators or pupils will not be tolerated. We cannot, and I cannot allow, an excellent sports program to be lost because of the selfish behavior of a small group.”

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A group of black parents from Rondebosch Boys’ High School want changes to be made regarding alleged discrimination at the institution. Photo: Rondebosch Boys’ High School / Facebook