Paarl Boys’ High

Paarl Boys’ High has been hit with a serious racism allegation. Photo: X

Paarl Boys’ High responds as racism saga erupts

Paarl Boys’ High has broken its silence after being accused of alleged racist acts during two school sports games this past weekend.

Paarl Boys’ High

Paarl Boys’ High has been hit with a serious racism allegation. Photo: X

In quite shocking news that came to light over the weekend, it was revealed that a first-team hockey game between Paarl Boys’ High and Rondebosch was called off as the result of an alleged racial incident.

It’s alleged that a Paarl Boys’ High player called a Rondebosch player a monkey after receiving a yellow card. Apparently this also included monkey sounds being made.

This shocking incident is also said to have escalated into more sports games played on Saturday when a black player was allegedly also the subject of monkey sounds after being red carded.

Paarl Boys’ High have sent a response through to the Western Cape education department

“Certain allegations made regarding events supposedly transpiring during the past weekend’s sports against Rondebosch High School, are approached and investigated with due seriousness,” the statement to the education department read.

“The school will, after the investigation has been completed, take appropriate steps if needed… Racism has, and never had, any place at Paarl Boys’ High. As a matter of fact, racism is one of the most serious transgressions of the Paarl Boys’ High Code of Conduct.”

The alleged actions of some from Paarl Boys’ High first came to light from a now deleted post on X by Bishops coach Senna Esterhuizen, who has no affiliation to either of the two schools involved.

“Heavy heartbreaking racism came from Paarl Boys High boys this weekend. Friday night a hockey game gets called off due to monkey gestures, yesterday making monkey noises towards one of the rugby boys.. this is tough to watch, the kid looks broken. Hope they dealt with big time,” read the X post which was coupled with a 33-second video of the alleged racism incident during the rugby match.


Schools rugby racism
The post highlighting racism in schools rugby. Image: Screenshot.


In a three-post thread, Esterhuizen went on to explain why took down the alleged racism video, while touching on an issue that is rife across schools rugby in general.

“I’m gonna delete my previous post as I wasn’t at the game and receiving some backlash. But racism for all sides needs to be addressed and spoken about of how it affects people. And it can be spoken about by coaches. In the past 3 weeks Iv had to deal with 2 cases.”

“First case was one of my own players telling a foreign player to go back from where he came. Imagine hearing that? The second case was an opponent(coloured guy) calling one of my players a monkey(black guy) which a massive fight broke out. The thing racism isn’t a one way show.. it can come in all forms.. white on black/coloured, coloured on black, black on white/coloured.

“My point is this.. after the game, I called both teams in and we spoke about it, about feelings. I coach 19 year olds and a lot do not know the long term effects of words. Let’s keep working.”