Kiwi rugby writer says SA rugb

Kiwi rugby writer says SA rugby is in “very delicate, almost unstable” condition

We’re not sure if this columnist is suggesting that making rugby more inclusive is a bad thing or if he just muddled his words a bit.

Kiwi rugby writer says SA rugb

Now, we know that most people don’t really understand transformation. Hint: it’s not about taking rugby away from white people, it’s about making it more accessible and inclusive to everyone in South Africa.

But that doesn’t stop everyone from chiming in. New Zealand Rugby writer Peter Williams has added his voice to chorus.

In a column for TVZN, he writes that following the ban on hosting international events by Sports Minister Fikile Mblaula the sport is in a “delicate, almost unstable condition”. He does not quite elaborate why by launches into the results from this weekend’s Super Rugby where five out of six South African teams lost.

He adds that it is “patently obvious that South Africa do not have enough quality players to field six teams in the competition, especially with so many stars in Europe”.

While all this has little to do with transformation, Williams gets to that later on by saying: “But the way things are progressing the Springboks won’t be a very strong team in seven years anyway” adding “Super Rugby in South Africa is at its lowest ebb in the 21 seasons of the tournament.”

Alrighty, then…