Danny Jordaan SAFA

The Democratic Alliance has called Danny Jordaan’s re-election as SAFA president “bad for local football”. Photo: Twitter @SAFA

Another former CEO speaks out against Safa President Jordaan

Former Safa CEO Dennis Mumble has sent a blistering report to the association’s executive committee not long after the Gay Report rocked South African football.

Danny Jordaan SAFA

The Democratic Alliance has called Danny Jordaan’s re-election as SAFA president “bad for local football”. Photo: Twitter @SAFA

The SA Football Association (Safa) top brass claim that a second damning report by a former Chief Executive is part of an effort to destabilise the organisation.

After former CEO Gay Mokoena accused Safa President Danny Jordaan of abuse of his powers another former executive in Dennis Mumble has spoken out against South African football’s boss.

Another damning report

Mumble submitted a 71-page 30,000-word report to Safa’s National Executive Committee.

Like Mokoena’s report before, the document was leaked to the press, something Safa believe is intentional.

“The second leaked letter‚ and SAFA is informed that a third letter is on the way‚ is an attempt to create an atmosphere of instability in the Association.

Mumble Report

“The ultimate aim of these individuals is to create the impression that there is need for an investigation in the organisation.” 

According to snippets of the report published by the Sunday Times, Mumble accuses Jordaan of eroding the democratic gains made by Safa in the last 20 years.

“Jordaan‚ when CEO of Safa in the late 1990s and early 2000s‚ became the most enthusiastic supporter of the Pickard Commission’s recommendations.”

The Pickard Commission had been appointed by President Nelson Mandela to inquire into the financial affairs of SAFA and the then National Soccer League (NSL), and other related matters. The Cabinet had instituted the commission, and the report was later adopted by Parliament. President Mandela had asked the then Minister of Sport, Mr Steve Tshwete, to investigate why things were not happening in the leadership of the NSL.

“However … Dr Jordaan has made an about-turn on the actual implementation of large parts of the recommendations that he championed,” Mumble added in a scathing attack on Jordaan.

“Coupled with an abusive‚ intimidating‚ intolerant personality and a propensity of a President who delights in belittling people in public‚ the Association is on the road to a divided state that could prove difficult to repair.”

Safa vs the PSL

Mumble alleges that Jordaan’s leadership has set up Safa in antagonism with South African football’s cash cow the National Soccer League.

“Dr Jordaan has for years championed the notion that the Association should never again be dominated by the League and has spearheaded many efforts to prevent it. For instance‚ he was the architect of two provisions in the SAFA Statutes that prohibits the Chairman of the League from becoming the President of the Association.

“Whilst Dr Jordaan has used the obvious reference to the past difficulties of League leaders [and cults of personality] … it is common cause that much of the leadership of SAFA has been convinced that‚ by default‚ SAFA’s #1 enemy is the National Soccer League.”

Safa rebuttal

Safa have hit back at Mumble calling his report contradictory.

Safa responded in a statement: “Mr Dennis Mumble makes contradictory statements in respect to events during and after his tenure as CEO and former CEO.

“He accuses SAFA of various violations as former CEO‚ but praises them in his reports (both financial and activity) placed before the NEC and the General members in the Congress while in office. These allegations are denied.

“We must place on record that Mr Mumble’s document to NEC members is littered with contradictions. He reported to the NEC and Congress and submitted glowing reports to the NEC and Congress during his tenure.”

The statement continued: “The idea that SAFA is collapsing is a blatant lie”. It stated that‚ “SAFA is enjoying its most successful period”‚ listing the successes of the various junior and senior national teams in reaching international tournaments under Jordaan’s tenure.

Responding to the allegations on the NTC‚ Safa stated: “The purchase of Fun Valley was unanimously approved by the SAFA NEC and the Legacy Trust who went to see the establishment before it was purchased.”

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