Cricket World Cup Proteas

The Proteas in action. Photo by Vipin Pawar/Backpagepix

How much is the prize money for the 2023 Cricket World Cup?

Come along as we explore the framework and breakdown of the prize money for the 2023 Cricket World Cup among the participating countries.

Cricket World Cup Proteas

The Proteas in action. Photo by Vipin Pawar/Backpagepix

We take a dive deep into the captivating world of the 2023 Cricket World Cup to uncover the details of how the prize money is distributed to get an understanding of how the financial rewards are allocated to participating teams in this tournament.

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Having made it to the semi-finals, the Proteas are set to be one of the top earning teams at the tournament and if they were to reach the final, they are banking at least R37.5m and double that amount if they got on to be crowned world champions.

Either way, there will be a pot of gold at the end of the line and below we breakdown how it will be distributed among the participating nations.

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How much Cricket World Cup prize money is there in 2023?

The precise figure for the 2023 World Cup prize money has officially been confirmed by the International Cricket Council (ICC). And while it does not surpass the 2019 World Cup’s prize money, it year’s overall prize money does equal the US$10 million pot that was up for grabs four years ago. That makes it the joint most lucrative Cricket World Cup. 

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Champion’s Bounty

The lion’s share of the prize money goes to the victorious team, who’ll be crowned world champions. The champions prize money for the 2023 edition is a staggering $4m, making it one of the most coveted prizes in international sports.

Runner-Up Rewards

Securing second place at the Cricket World Cup is no small feat, and the runner-up receives a substantial prize as well. The team that finishes loses in the 2023 final will bank a generous $2m.

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Semi-Finalist Payouts

The two losing semi-finalists will also reap the financial benefits of their impressive journey, with both cashing in $800,000. 

Pool Stage Participation

Participating teams that did not advance to the knockout stages still receive compensation for their efforts. Each of the six teams who had competed in the group stage but failed to make the Cricket World Cup semi-finals, will receive $100,000 as a participation fee.

Match-win money distribution

Every winner of the 45 group-stage matches will receive a $40,000 payout, after a grand total of $1.8m in prize money was allocated as incentive for the group stage. 

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Cricket World Cup
2023 Cricket World Cup prize money graphic. Photo: ICC website.