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CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA – DECEMBER 09: Spectators in fancy dress cheer during day 1 of the 2017 HSBC Cape Town Sevens at Cape Town Stadium on December 09, 2017 in Cape Town, South Africa. (Photo by Peter Heeger/Gallo Images/Getty Images)

Cape Town Sevens as it happened: New Zealand take the title

Disappointing weekend for the Blitzboks, but they’ll always bounce back…

cape town sevens tickets

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA – DECEMBER 09: Spectators in fancy dress cheer during day 1 of the 2017 HSBC Cape Town Sevens at Cape Town Stadium on December 09, 2017 in Cape Town, South Africa. (Photo by Peter Heeger/Gallo Images/Getty Images)

This is the full text of our live blog of the Cape Town Sevens.


Thoroughly deserved for New Zealand. They had a poor season last time out, but have come back strongly.

20:05 And Argentina do get some consolation – they score and convert – but with not long left, New Zealand go over again.

20:03 Make that 31-7. Regan Ware extends the advantage and all Argentina can now hope for is some consolation.

20:01 Didn’t take long for New Zealand to turn on the gas. Argentina have no answers and New Zealand are 26-7 ahead with about two minutes to go.

19:52 New Zealand looked like they were cruising and right at the break, Argentina got one back. Gonna be an interesting second half. NEW ZEALAND 14-7 ARGENTINA

19:37 And now Canada reminds South Africa how quickly things change! They get one back and are within two points… South Africa hold on, though, even with Canada having possession. RESULT SOUTH AFRICA 19-17 CANADA. Just the final to come…

19:31 CANADA get one back – great off load into the hands of Nathan Hirayama which gives them a sniff. SOUTH AFRICA 19-10 CANADA.

19:29 South Africa score again. Specman this time. They’re reminding Canada of just how quickly things change in the game of Sevens. SOUTH AFRICA 19-5 CANADA

19:25 Nel scores for South Africa. Gonna have to give us a second… there was a lot going on in the ruck before the ball went out wide – including a dangerous tackle that saw Kyle Brown go arse over tit after he’d swung the ball out to Nel. Late and reckless… no red card… just a yellow. SOUTH AFRICA 14-5 CANADA.

19:23 HARRY JONES SCORES FOR CANADA. Finds the space from not too far out. The conversion hits the post, though. SOUTH AFRICA 7-5 CANADA.

19:21 TRY! South Africa open the scoring through Soyizwapi – took him just two minutes. The conversion is good too. SOUTH AFRICA 7-0 CANADA

19:18 Okay, it’s been a bit of a disappointing home series for the BlitzCanadaandada have been the surprise package this weekend. The two sides played each other last weekend, too, and South Africa cruised to victory. Let’s see how this goes…

South Africa’s bronze medal match will be at 19:18.

18:46 RESULT FIJI 26-12 USA

Good win for Fiji. They were a bit unlucky not to beat South Africa in the quarter final and while this is probably scant consolation, it all counts. Also… FEELS ALERT.


Pretty convincing in the end from the Aussies. They dominated possession in the first half and despite a last minute try from Alejandro Alonso, Spain were no match.

18:05 RESULT 24-14 UGANDA

Uganda gave Kenya a run for their money there. Scores were level at one point, but Kenya’s experience and muscle helped them across the line.


Quite incredible. Canada, who have been the surprise package at the Cape Town Sevens, set up a final against New Zealand. One conversion is the difference between the two sides – you couldn’t really separate them by much else. Argentina vs Canada in the final – going to the quite something.

16:55 So, the Blitzboks stumble in Cape Town again. Let’s not take any credit away from New Zealand – they were exceptional and deserve the win. However, the Blitzboks will be the first to admit that they just came up short this weekend. Too many basic mistakes – things they normally do with their eyes closed – cost them. They got out of jail against Fiji, but ran out of luck against Fiji. Still, at least they aren’t the Springboks, hey?

16:54 The clock ticks down with New Zealand in possession, the hooter sounds and New Zealand go through to the final….RESULT SOUTH AFRICA 12-19 NEW ZEALAND

16:52 South Africa have to score and covert to force extra time with a minute to go. Kwagga Smith finds space and makes up good ground. Then an awkward pass from Geduld to Agaba is knocked forward… and there’s a scrum with 24 seconds left….

16:51 Oh dear. Now the Blitzboks have turned over possession and manage a few phases. New Zealand give away a penalty – their eight of the match. Kok’s gone off for what could be a concussion assessment. Nel is on. South Africa take the tap… New Zealand turn over at the break down….they string a few passes together and keep possession at the break down, Specman looks like he made a try saving tackle, but the ball is loose, it finds Webber… and New Zealand score. SOUTH AFRICA 12 -19 NEW ZEALAND

16:48 Oef, Specman loses his footing and there’s a really nasty breakdown. South Africa hold on, but New Zealand turn over deep into their own half. The earn a penalty to set up a lineout after Werner Kok dragged a player down going for the ball in the air.

16:45 Afrika kicks things off. New Zealand’s Koroi picks it up and then steps two defenders – Kwagga and Kok – and runs almost the length of the field to score. This. Is. Tense. SOUTH AFRICA 12-12 NEW ZEALAND.

16:41 TRY SOUTH AFRICA! From that line-out, the Blitzboks get within inches of the try line. They try to take a quick tap and go through Kwagga, but he’s called back. Afrika takes it and he wiggles his way over the line and under the post. HALF TIME SOUTH AFRICA 12-7 NEW ZEALAND

16:40 South Africa have been a bit dodgy with their handling of the ball this weekend. Look, they are still more skilled than the Springboks, but it just feels like they are a bit rattled. They get away with a dodgy pass from Kok – thanks to a kind bounce – and then get to set up a line-out after a bit of fumbling. Agaba catches the lineout.

16:38 New Zealand now come back through Mikkleson… with one man down. A high tackle from Senatla gives New Zealand the advantage, Mikkelson does well to wriggle his way to dot down under the posts. SOUTH AFRICA 5-7 NEW ZEALAND

16:37 South Africa take a quick tap and go, ball goes to Senatla who juggles, can’t find space, ball goes back out wide to Du Preez and eventually to Snyman after a great offload. The skipper dances his way in narrow space down to the right of the field. New Zealand also have a man in the bin now…SOUTH AFRICA 5-0 NEW ZEALAND

16:34 Cape Town stadium is pumping. Loud cheers for the team as the jog onto the field. These two sides played each other in the final in Dubai… where South Africa got the better of them. The Blitzboks had to dig deep against Fiji… let’s see what they’ve got.


USA are back to their crafty self after a disappointing effort earlier in the day, losing their Cup quarterfinal match. France, though, have been lacklustre. Next up, it’s the Blitzboks vs New Zealand…


A last-grasp try, scored after the hooter sounded and with scores tied at 12-12, helped Fiji to a win. After leading 12-0 at the break, Fiji couldn’t hold on to their lead. with Bowen and Norton crossing over. But Sau found some gas and it’s Fiji who progresS to the 5th place playoff final.


Absolute walloping for Wales here. They looked like they might resist the pressure from the Aussies towards the end of the first half, but then it all went to pot. It will be Australia vs Spain in the Trophy final later.


Wow. What a result for Spain. They outclassed a very physical Samoa. They showed great skill, using the width of the field and a brilliant little chip kick to finish it off with their final try. Samoa look knackered.


Fantastic! Uganda notch up their first win of the weekend with a solid performance against Russia. This team is really exciting to watch and a solid reminder of what happens when a sport seeks to broaden its horizons.


Relief for Kenya, who have been a bit up and down this weekend. They fought so hard against South Africa on Friday and then came up short against Samoa earlier in the day. They notched up a good win here against Scotland.

13:31 Very short break now – the next game is up at 13:57. Check out the fixtures to come here.


Shocker! After a poor outing in Dubai, the USA bounced back on day one at the Cape Town Sevens and looked almost unbeatable. But now they’ve had an absolute shocker against Argentina. We’re not taking any credit away from the South Americans, but the USA were just dodgy… and that was pretty much summed up by their last touch when the ball was dropped after the tryline despite the USA player not having any defender on him.


Canada continue their impressive efforts at the Cape Town Sevens. They have absolutely crushed France here in every department. The winner of USA vs Argentina awaits in the semis…


The Blitzboks don’t have this kind of thinking, but their fans will breathe a little easier knowing that they don’t have to face their bogey team in the semis. It was tight between England and New Zealand, and our first semi-final will be a repeat of last week’s final….


Wow. The Blitzboks burgled this one a bit. Fiji looked to have them rattled, they led for most of the game, dominated the breakdowns, made South Africa work hard and even made Senatla look bad. But, right at the death, Senatla snatched a try with a piece of crafty work and the home side keep their hopes of winning their home tournament alive.

12:27 South Africa kick off… there’s a knock on… and the whistle goes… SOUTH AFRICA ARE THROUGH TO THE SEMI FINALS OF THE CAPE TOWN SEVENS.

12:25 WHAT. A. GAME. Fiji have possession after a line-out… South Africa force a turnover after some rough and tumble rucking- the ball bounces, Senatla chases, Senatla kicks, chases and he’s under the post! The conversion is over…. SOUTH AFRICA 29-26 FIJI

12:23 WOW! This is breathless stuff. Kwagga Smith has just taken advantage of the non-existent Fijian defence with some fancy footwork. His balance was brilliant there. Lovely carry. Conversion is good. SOUTH AFRICA 24-26 FIJI

12:21 Doesn’t take Fiji long to respond. Nasoko is over now… some great off loading finds him and he makes up ground without any South African able to catch him. Bit of fancy stepping and great offloading. South Africa couldn’t kill the ball. SOUTH AFRICA 17-26 FIJI

12:19 Afrika kicks off the second half and Fiji begin a patient build up… South Africa’s defence is looking a bit more composed… but they’ve just missed a steal..however, that was good pressure and look! They have a penalty and they take a quick tap and go. Some wide passing finds Senatla on the edge of the field and it’s a try for the Blitzboks! Conversion is wide… but it’s game on. SOUTH AFRICA 17-21 FIJI.

12:15 Chris Dry has left the field and Tim Agaba has come on to replace him… the hooter goes…South Africa have possession… and finally, they find something. Great offload from Kwagga who finds Agaba who finds Geduld, who has been a bit shaky on his feet today, the conversion is over. Tense! HALF TIME SOUTH AFRICA 12-21 FIJI

12:14 Fiji are making South Africa work really hard here. The Blitzboks are trying their usual stringing passes together to find space…they manage a bit, but then Senatla sends a wayward pass that sees Fiji go on the charge. The defence is all over the place. There’s a scuffle and now two players – one from each team – are on the ground getting treatment after some hectic rucking.

12:11 Senatla is having a shocker. He’s back after being sent to the bin – and now he’s missed a tackle which has allowed Fiji to score. South Africa are turning over possession far too easily today. And the defence is a bit shaky, too. Sjoe, nerves! SOUTH AFRICA 5-21 FIJI

12:10 WERNER KOK SCORES FOR SOUTH AFRICA. Love this guy. He’s such a honey badger. SOUTH AFRICA 5-14 FIJI

12:09 FIJI HAVE SCORED AGAIN. Counter ruck, and Fiji’s got the pace to find the posts. SOUTH AFRICA 14-0 FIJI.

12:08 That was very silly from Senatla, he grabbed the Fijian player around the face. He’s in the bin. Fiji have a penalty try. SOUTH AFRICA 0-7 FIJI


12:06 Some early nerves with both Senatla and Geduld fumbling as they could not secure the kick off… Fiji win the turnover, the defence scrambles… and we’re up to the TMO to check for a penalty try for a high tackle…

12:04 Lovely sight with a whole bunch of South African flags waving in the crowd. The stadium erupts to a huge welcome for the Blitzboks. Let’s go…


Oh dear. Uganda had no answers for the Aussies. In fact, they hardly even touched the ball. Pretty rough. The African side has shown some promise in parts, though. Including the consolation try from Okia. Good pace and strength. Lovely step to find space on the outside. Wait, make that two consolation tries. Kasito off the bench scores after the hooter has gone. Patient build-up and through the middle to score.

Coming up… it’s South Africa vs Fiji in the first of the Cup quarterfinals….


If we were into cliches, we’d say that this trophy quarterfinal was a game of two halves. Russia dominated the first, Wales bounced back in the second.


Great result for Spain, who struggled a bit yesterday. Disappointing for Scotland, meanwhile, who actually looked good on day one.


Kenya’s last game last night was against South Africa – and it was incredibly tough and physical. They were probably a bit knackered and Samoa took advantage. Despite that, though, Kenya kept going until the  last minute. With the hooter having gone, they kept going

10:33 We’re ready to go with the knockout stages. Coming up: the first trophy quarter-final between Kenya and Samoan.

08:45 Hello and welcome to day two of our Cape Town Sevens coverage! This will kick off from 10:36 with the trophy quarterfinals.  Our coverage will begin then.