2018 Commonwealth Games: ‘Rona

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2018 Commonwealth Games: ‘Ronaldo’ spotted on bowling green

There were two rather unusual celebrations at the 2018 Commonwealth Games on Friday. A 26-year-old Aussie men’s singles bowls champion chucked his shirt away in delight and a freestyle wrestling gold medal winner from Nigeria rolled around on the mat clearly unable to contain herself.

2018 Commonwealth Games: ‘Rona

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Flamboyant Australian Aaron Wilson did his best Cristiano Ronaldo impression by tearing his shirt off after winning Commonwealth Games gold – in the genteel sport of lawn bowls.

Wilson’s victory over Canadian Ryan Bester triggered the sort of wild scenes normally seen at a football match as the 26-year-old – nicknamed “Discotheque” for his penchant for visiting nightclubs – peeled off to soak in the adulation of the home crowd.

Sporting his lucky undies, the only thing missing from Wilson’s topless celebration was Ronaldo’s shredded six-pack.

“This is for Australia,” said Wilson, who admitted he had got the idea from countryman Kelvin Kerkow’s bare-chested jig of joy after winning bowls gold at the 2006 Melbourne Games.

“Obviously I couldn’t help myself when it came down to the moment — chucked the shirt off, didn’t know where it went, but it was all on the groove.”

Wilson, who took up bowls at 11 years old, beat Bester 21-14 to become only the third Australian to Commonwealth singles gold – before running around shirtless with unbridled joy as the crowd erupted.

The Australian wants to inject more passion into lawn bowls, a quintessentially British pastime more associated with cups of tea and cucumber sandwiches.

“Something we’re trying to do is build the culture with Bowls Australia, and I think we’ve done that really well,” said Wilson, calling for an all-for-one musketeer approach to the game.

“Anyone wins, we celebrate. Anyone loses we grieve for them, we’re all one team.”

Wilson’s celebration was not the only one that could be filed under “over-exuberant” at the Commonwealth Games on Friday.

Nigeria’s Blessing Oborududu reacts after beating Canada’s Danielle Lappage in the women’s freestyle 68kg gold medal wrestling match at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in the Carrara Sports Arena on the Gold Coast on April 13, 2018. / AFP PHOTO / YE AUNG THU

Nigeria’s Blessing Oborududu celebrated her wrestling gold in the women’s 68-kilo freestyle wrestling by rolling around on the mat in joy as her beaten opponent Danielle Lappage looked on unamused.