19 Tweets that sum up the Spri

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19 Tweets that sum up the Springboks vs the Barbarians draw

It was hit and miss and miss and hit and up and down as the Boks and Barbarians settled for a draw at Wembley.

19 Tweets that sum up the Spri

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1. The Baabaas opened the scoring after five minutes and it wasn’t pretty.

2. Like, seriously, even with all things considered – players, little time together and all of that – things were all over the shop.

3. The Player of the Year 2016 helped pull things back, though.

4. The seesaw continued, but at least the BaaBaas had a sense of humour.

5. But people actually saw some positives.

6. And had some praise for one of the newbies.


7. Commentary is hard.

8. Anything to make the Bok pain stop, right?

9. Well, the All Blacks’ defence is shaky as heck and it works for them, so…

10. Was it a bit of a wake up call for fans?

11. Desperate times, desperate measures.

12. We think this is a perfectly reasonable request. Rugby Twitter wasn’t at its best today.

13. Every once in a while, there was a flash of something positive, though.


14. It wasn’t all bad and with about seven minutes to go, things got a bit a better.

15. And two late tries took the scores level… 

16. But captain Lambie missed the conversion.

17. And in it ended 31 all. Now what?