Another Postbank “glitch” delays January social grant payments. Photo: @OfficialSASSA / Twitter

SASSA: Find important forms HERE online!

Some of the most important SASSA forms you’ll need can be found online. Here’s where to download important forms, or contact SASSA.


Another Postbank “glitch” delays January social grant payments. Photo: @OfficialSASSA / Twitter

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is responsible for paying South Africans their social grants. More than 18 million grants are paid to recipients each month, including the Child Grant, Older Persons Grant, and the R350 SRD Grant.

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Registering isn’t always easy, and there can be many forms to fill in.

But did you know that some of the most important SASSA forms can be downloaded onilne?

If you need to fill in forms for your next appointment, here’s where to find them.

Where to find SASSA forms online

The SASSA online platform connects citizens to social development and their social grants.

If you are looking for any specific forms related to your social grant application or assessment, look on the internet to see if the form is available there.

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Some of the important SASSA forms can be found here.

The forms are in PDF-format, which can be printed at most internet cafe’s and filled in ahead of time.

If you cannot find the form you need on this list, contact the National Helpline or your nearest Regional Office for assistance.

Which forms are online?

Bank payment forms and medical assistance forms (for the Disability Grant) can be found on the internet.

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This can make filling in forms easier. Do it at an internet cafe or home, and then take the correct form to your nearest regional SASSA office.

Some of the forms you can download from the internet include:

  • Consent form for bank payment (PDF)
  • Medical assessment referral form (PDF)
  • Lodging of an appeal (PDF)

Make sure that all information is accurate and correct, or you might be asked to fill in the same (or another) form. Contact the agency if you are not sure what to do next.

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Other forms can be found at this updated list.

Contact them here

The National Helpline will assist with any grant enquiries, or questions about South African social grants.

Contact the national helpline here: +27 80 060 1011

Questions and complaints can also be submitted via email: