Moon types defined: WHAT is a

Moon types defined: WHAT is a harvest moon?!

Moon types aren’t all the same. What are these different types of moons, and why do the names exist? Here’s what to know about them.

Moon types defined: WHAT is a

All full moons aren’t the same.

If you watch the news or skies, then you will have seen different types of lunar events. Blue, harvest, and blood are some of the categories that it could fall under.

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But what are these different types, and why do the names exist?

Here’s what to know about different classifications for the glowing orb.

The Blue Moon

Blue moons are something that happen only every once in a while.

The saying “once in a blue moon” is named after this phenomenon.

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This is when there are two full lunar events in the same month. It doesn’t happen every month, and that’s why these are considered special.

Many people also believe that this is good luck!

The Harvest Moon

Harvest moons are named after the time of year.

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This type only happens during September months, when certain crops are harvested or planted. Full lunar events in September, are named after the harvest events.

In September this year, South Africa gets to see a super special Harvest Supermoon – and it’s the last one for 2023.

This means that it’s not only one special lunar event, but TWO of them!

The Blood Moon

Blood has nothing to do with why certain moons are called this!

Instead, this type of lunar event gives the sky a reddish-colouration that happens thanks to the type of light. Eclipse events are most likely to cause this type of sky event.

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Like the other types, this might only happen a few times per year.

The Supermoon

The supermoon is notable because it makes the sky appear brighter, and the moon looks bigger.

Supermoons are super special. These only happen a few times per year, and it’s one of the great opportunities out there for South Africans to take some snapshots of the sky.

Look up at the sky on the 29th (TONIGHT) to see the special type of Harvest Supermoon!