Prasa’s woes continue as fault

Prasa’s woes continue as faulty trains only ‘speak’ Spanish

Shame, Prasa really can’t catch a break. First the CEO and chief ‘engineer’ are fired for their ineptitude in securing SA’s new Afro 4000 locomotives and now we can’t even communicate with the trains to see what’s the matter.

Prasa’s woes continue as fault

City Press reports that Prasa officials are struggling to ‘communicate’ with the locomotives, as they’re programmed in Spanish. Looks like the government’s drive to learn Mandarin might be a bit premature, let’;s learn how to operate our new trains first, hey.

Anyway… the locomotives are part of a R3.5 billion tender for which CEO Lucky Montana and chief engineer Daniel Mtimkulu – who turned out not to be an engineer at all – were fired as the locomotives are too tall for South African railways, leading to one of them derailing shortly after launch.

The contract is for a combined 70 locomotives and we’ve already paid R600 million for the first 13. Montana was also involved in a much larger alleged tender scandal of more than R50 billion altogether.

In true Prasa style, they’ve denied that they’re having any problems communicating with the trains, even though technicians from Vossloh Espana – the company that manufactures the Afro 4000 locomotives — are apparently in the country to help solve the problem.