Hlaudi Motsoeneng

Hlaudi Motsoeneng. Image via Facebook @hlaudimotsoaneng

Hlaudi Motsoeneng said he would get the presidential vote… following the Zuma model, I’d agree with him

The narcissism is strong with this one. Hlaudi claims that the only thing stopping him from running is that he wouldn’t want to contest a woman… seriously?

Hlaudi Motsoeneng

Hlaudi Motsoeneng. Image via Facebook @hlaudimotsoaneng

The autopsy of a butchered presser from HlaudiMotsoeneng rages on, as South Africa tries to come to terms with how this man became one of the biggest names in national media.

Hlaudi’s biggest fan – Hlaudi – this week claimed that he “represents the majority of South Africans and their interests” and that “others want [him] to be President.” One can only assume that list of others includes the man who appears in his bathroom mirror every day…

So should we be writing Hlaudi off as a future leader? I don’t think so. By following in the footsteps of Jacob Zuma, he has proven that he can be every bit as presidential:

1) He is dangerously under-qualified for the job

Hlaudi never matriculated. He has built his career on making friends and being annoyingly persistent. Just like our JZ – who had no formal education in his younger years – he hasn’t let a silly thing like qualifications get in his way.

2) His delusions of grandeur are astronomical

He talks about himself in the third person. That really should be it for this part. But it’s kind of sad to also see him still acting like he retains the power he once had. Some serious mental gymnastics are required to be in his position and talk about a presidential campaign.

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3) He already knows a thing or two about abusing his power

He’s more interested in boasting about himself rather than serving his people. Sounds very familiar… News24’s explosive investigation into his rise to power provided this insight:

“He is very abusive of power. He is the kind of guy who does not have news sense. He will tell you about his political connections, nothing else,”
4) He knows a thing or two about financial mismanagement

Despite SABC making losses of more than R400m last year, Hlaudi actually ended up with a PAY RISE. It’d be naïve to think he hadn’t influenced that decision in some way or form. Add to that the implication he’s involved in a R42m scam and you can really sense that he can pick up from where Zuma has left off.

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