EFF says all students should have laptops and data

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema. Image via: Archive Photo

Here’s one thing the EFF has in common with right-wing Afrikaners

Both the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and South African white supremacists cannot stand being in the same room as former president FW de Klerk.

EFF says all students should have laptops and data

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema. Image via: Archive Photo

The EFF have unexpectedly found an overlap in views with South African white supremacists on the issue of former president FW de Klerk, although this has created a vexed question for the fighters in red as to which of their mutually exclusive rules of engagement they must obey.

The lengthy press statement the EFF released last week after a five-day meeting of their national and provincial leadership teams, speaks the language of a movement which feels besieged from all sides, and contains a whole writ of things EFF members must do and are not allowed to do.

EFF, right-wing share disdain for FW de Klerk

This includes that no EFF member is allowed to meet privately with President Cyril Ramaphosa, and that Ramaphosa’s failure to fire Pravin Gordhan as minister of public enterprises makes a peaceful State of the Nation Address (SONA) on Thursday 13 February impossible.

“We will speak when he speaks,” the EFF said.

The EFF has, on the eve of said SONA, found agreement with the country’s far right-wing, which cannot stand FW de Klerk, believing that he sold out white South Africans in the negotiated settlement leading to South African democracy. 

Although the EFF despiese De Klerk just as much, their reasons are the opposite of the right-wing’s reasons. And their decision on De Klerk may well impede or even prevent their actions to disrupt a peaceful SONA.

As for De Klerk, the EFF leadership stated the following:

“We also call of [they mean ‘on’] De Klerk to stay away from SONA and return the Nobel Peace Prize because he has proven to be an unrepentant apartheid apologist. We will not share a democratic parliament [they mean ‘parliamentary’] space with an apartheid apologist who says apartheid is not a crime against humanity.

“The world must know that the final president of the murderous racist apartheid regime has told black people that apartheid was not a crime against their humanity; such a man should be tried for the crimes of apartheid, isolated from society so that his toxic views can rot his evil soul in prison.”

SONA 2020, EFF and FW de Klerk?

The point of agreement with the right-wing is that the EFF also cannot stand being in the same room as De Klerk and believe he must return his Nobel Peace Prize.

The problem for the EFF is that De Klerk will be at SONA, so how the EFF is going to honour their commitment to “not share a democratic parliament(ary) space” with De Klerk, and also honour their commitment to “speak when Ramaphosa is speaking”.

As the sun sets on Cape Town, the country will have to wait and see which commitment the EFF honours, and on which it renages.