14 funny fake products from Zu

14 funny fake products from Zuma’s new bestie, China

As the Asian giant continues its expansion into Africa, here’s what consumers can look forward to in their shopping baskets.

14 funny fake products from Zu

Well, now that we’ll be learning Mandarin at school and – according to Cyril Ramaphosa – replicating China’s economic model for state owned enterprises; we might as well have a look at some of the new products you’ll see flooding into the local consumer market.

This list, thanks to BoredPanda’s open reader submission form, has a few little gems you can’t help but giggle at. They’re not all from China, but mostly Asian.

They literally have none to give…

star fcks

Who says they’re only for boys?

game child

Suggestive much?



AppStore, Aparrel store… potato, potato.

whatsapp store


Not just getting your name wrong anymore.



He’s almost super…


What’s in a name, really?


Well, that’s awks…

Jonnie walker

There are some things money can’t buy… originality, for instance.


When you see it…



Down with the monarchy.

burger madam

Banana split?

Dolce and Banana

Didn’t James Bond have one of these?


For the Puma on the prowl.