10 questions the internet has

10 questions the internet has for South Africa

Why do you guys say ‘now now’ when you mean next year?
We don’t like to be held to time frames.

10 questions the internet has

I could scroll through comments and questions about our beloved country all day. The confusion about our people and culture is hilarious to read.

But the best part has to be the responses from South Africans defending their country. Those are absolute gold.

1. What is up with South African time?

just now

“We don’t like to be held to timeframes in Cape Town”

just now CT

The true meaning of “down the street”


2. What does ‘slegs only’ mean? Am I a sleg?

slegs only

3. Why do you use the word ‘robot’ instead of ‘traffic light’?

robot comeback

Thank goodness for our South African sense of humour.

SA lingo - robot now now

4. It’s cute that you call it hubby bubbly

hubbly bubbly

It’s cute that you don’t.

5. Isn’ this what ‘soutie’ refers to?


6. Is this what “Is iiiiiiiit” means?

is it

7. Why do you call them cold drinks, not soda or fizzy drinks?

cold drink

We’re all about options in South Africa, brozef.

8. What the hell is a boomslang?

tree snake

9. Do you guys struggle to say ‘squirrel’?


Ja nee.

10. Which monkey glands do you put in monkey gland sauce?

Monkey Gland

monkey gland2

Gotta love South Africa…