Zuma ‘smells like corruption’

Zuma ‘smells like corruption’ and deserves to go to jail. Numsa

Not so much fun when old alliance partners turn on you, it is?

Zuma ‘smells like corruption’

Numsa president Andrew Chirwa was addressing delegates at the union’s first national congress since its split with Cosatu, when he lashed out at Jacob Zuma, saying he should go to jail.

Chirwa said Zuma smells like corruption and said that on its current trajectory, the ANC will soon find itself ‘in the dustbin of history’.

Back when Numsa still formed part of Cosatu – the split happened back in 2014 – the federation of trade unions boasted the largest portion of supporters within the ANC tripartite alliance, but after the split Numsa took the majority with it.

In addition to its scathing commentary of Jacob Zuma, Numsa general secretary Irvin Jim made it clear that the union does not endorse Cyril Ramaphosa for the position of ANC or state president either.

“We’re very clear that Ramaphosa is the CEO of the mineral, energy and finance complex. We are in this trouble because the ANC has refused to undo the stranglehold of white monopoly capital.”