Raymond Zondo State Capture Commission report

Chief Justice Raymond Zondo handing over State Capture Commission report to Presidency

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‘It makes no sense’: Furious Zondo slams Zuma for skipping Commission

Hell hath no fury like a Deputy Chief Justice scorned. Raymond Zondo has given Jacob Zuma both barrels, after the latter dodged the State Capture Inquiry.

Raymond Zondo State Capture Commission report

Chief Justice Raymond Zondo handing over State Capture Commission report to Presidency

Photo: Gallo Images

Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo has issued a scathing statement on Monday, as Jacob Zuma officially broke the law by refusing to appear at the State Capture Inquiry. After weeks of threatening to commit this arrestable offence, Msholozi has stuck to his word – and the DCJ has blown a gasket.

State Capture Inquiry reaction: Raymond Zondo fumes at Jacob Zuma

  • – Paul Pretorius, a serving advocate of the State Capture Inquiry, slammed Zuma for his ‘unjustifiable conduct’.

“This morning, Mabuza Attorneys addressed a letter to the Commission that their client, Jacob Zuma, would not appear at the State Capture Inquiry. What is not correct in his approach, is that he should express a lawful reason for his absence by coming here to talk to us about his problems. His defence has no merit, there is no justification for him to be missing.”

“Zuma has now been implicated by 40 witnesses. He says Zuma’s response to all these allegations is important. He says if Zuma believes he has not been accused of any wrong doing it is difficult to understand why would rely on being silent.”

Advocate Paul Pretorius
  • – That tirade was ably supported by Raymond Zondo, who dismantled Jacob Zuma’s ‘flimsy’ defence.

“The documents made it clear that the commission was aware that Zuma was launching a review application on his recusal. He says that review has no bearing on Zuma’s appearance. Zuma’s lawyers should have indicated to ConCourt that he is applying for a review of Zondo’s recusal and placed it before ConCourt.”

“The law doesn’t say you can ignore a summons, just because [Zuma] thinks it is irregular. You cannot ignore a process issued by a lawful body. In his own words, he has said he would defy the Constitutional Court. Zuma is not only defying the Commission’s summons – but he is also defying the highest court of the land.”

“It also does not make sense why Zuma is scared of taking the witness stand, if he says he has not been implicated in any wrongdoing.”

Raymond Zondo

Jacob Zuma digs his heels in

Earlier today, Zuma’s lawyers issued an uncompromising statement, saying that their client could not attend the State Capture Inquiry – as it would undermine one of their other applications. The group is fighting to have Raymond Zondo recused as the main evidence leader, and Msholozi’s legal counsel have their grievances with the ConCourt ruling:

“We inform the Commission that our client will not be appearing from 15 – 19 February. The review application for Raymond Zondo to recuse himself from the State Capture Inquiry is yet to be handled. Furthermore, the summons compelling Jacob Zuma to appear is not in line with the fourth-order of the Constitutional Court verdict, handed down on 28 January.”

“Appearing before DCJ Zondo under these circumstances would undermine and invalidate our review application for recusal. We also place on record that this matter was not put before ConCourt. The above should not be construed to suggest the defiance of any legal process – and all our client’s rights are reserved.”Jacob Zuma’s lawyer letter.”

Zuma’s legal team

State Capture Inquiry latest: Will there be an arrest?

Attention now turns to how lawmakers will respond to this blatant act of defiance. By staying away from the State Capture Inquiry, and ignoring the ConCourt’s official order, Jacob Zuma is committing a criminal act. For Shadow Trade Minister Dean Macpherson, there is only one possible course of action – he says uBaba must be arrested ‘without hesitation’.

“If you can be immediately arrested for swimming in the sea or not wearing a face mask, surely there should be no hesitation in being arrested for defying a court order? It’s not exactly hard to find Zuma! Let’s see the law in action!”

Dean Macpherson