Zimbabwean pastor

Zimbabwean prophet pours ‘anointed oil’ on the chairs. Photo: Man’s NOT Barry Roux/ Twitter.

Zimbabwean prophet charges R500 for anointed oil seat riches

A Zimbabwean prophet is turning wishes into riches. For blessings, R500 is required which allows you to sit on the anointed oil

Zimbabwean pastor

Zimbabwean prophet pours ‘anointed oil’ on the chairs. Photo: Man’s NOT Barry Roux/ Twitter.

A Zimbabwean prophet has been thrown into the spotlight for apparently charging money for people to sit on ‘anointed oil’.


In a post, it suggests that Zimbabwean Prophet charges R500 for a person who wants to sit on the anointed seat for 2 hours.

“Church members believe that once you pay R500 for a seat, you will miraculously have R5 000 or more in a month.”

Man’s NOT Barry Roux/ Twitter.

It is reported that the chair-anointed oil business for the well-known Zimbabwean prophet is booming.

“Why can’t he seat himself and get R5,000 together with his friends and family members,” is some of the questions posed by critical observers who weren’t budging to experiment with this ‘life-changing’ oil-anointed chair.

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South Africa is no stranger to pastors and prophets doing uncanny practices to woo the vulnerable class of citizens.

Not so long ago, a pastor by the name of MS Budeli organised a Meet and Greet with God for R20 000 for Christmas.

Pastor MS Budeli, as per the poster title, shocked many after a poster of his Worship Conference consisted of strange and inflated prayer service fees.
The pastor, whose worship conference supposedly took place on Christmas Day, 25 December from 6 am to 6pm, listed his special prayer service which included ‘to see God in Heaven for R20 000’.

  • To cancel all your debt for – R 500
  • To get married the next day – R10 000
  • To be protected from crime – R20 000
  • To see your future in your phone – R20 000
  • To win aviator game – R300 000

We still await testimonies from those who attended the service if what they paid for was delivered by the holy spirit.

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