zimbabwe mugabe resigns

PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA – JULY 14: A Zimbabwean flag during #ThisFlag protest on July 14, 2016 in Pretoria, South Africa. Protests were held in Cape Town and Pretoria after #ThisFlag leader Evan Mawarire was arrested and later released. (Photo by Gallo Images / Alet Pretorius)

Zimbabwe as Monday happened: Impeachment beckons, Mugabe calls cabinet meeting

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zimbabwe mugabe resigns

PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA – JULY 14: A Zimbabwean flag during #ThisFlag protest on July 14, 2016 in Pretoria, South Africa. Protests were held in Cape Town and Pretoria after #ThisFlag leader Evan Mawarire was arrested and later released. (Photo by Gallo Images / Alet Pretorius)

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Latest news from Zimbabwe in summary

Robert Mugabe has been under house arrest since last Wednesday, following a military takeover.  Since then, the situation has been tense and uncertain. There were several reports of the long-serving leader refusing to stand down. On Sunday night, the country – and the world – witnessed it first hand. In a long, rambling speech, Mugabe did everything but quit. The ruling Zanu-PF booted him out as party leader on Sunday and expelled his wife Grace Mugabe. They have given him a 12:00 deadline on Monday to quit or face impeachment.


18:57 The cabinet meeting is the latest move by a man who increasingly looks like he hasn’t got a clue what is going on. The notice for a cabinet meeting from Mugabe’s chief secretary says the meeting will be at State House at 09:00 and all ministers “should attend”. The president ignored the ruling party’s 12:00 deadline on Monday to resign or face impeachments.

According to AP, the ruling party accuses Mugabe of “allowing his wife to usurp government powers” and says the 93-year-old leader “is too old and cannot even walk without help.”Mugabe remains under house arrest after the military moved in last week, but the military is taking pains to avoid accusations of a coup.

18:43 We have a little update from AP. While the motion for impeachment will begin tomorrow…. AP reports the following…

17:20 We’re also going to pause our live coverage here for the day, barring any other big events. But, before we go, do check out “Prophet” TB Joshua “predicting” the ousting of Mugabe by military takeover

17:18 The leader of Zimbabwe’s war veterans said they will be bringing the people back to the streets to remove President Robert Mugabe after he refused to resign in an address to the nation on Sunday night.

17:00 Let’s catch up with some latest bits and pieces.

Impeach Mugabe: This is how Zimbabwe will finally force Bob to leave
Mugabe was relaxing, “munching mielies” while Zimbabweans protested

15:39 Oh and in case you’re wondering how China influenced the ousting of Robert Mugabe, read our explainer.

And then there are people wondering about Mugabe’s skin care regime

15:35 We’re still waiting for that army statement which has become a somewhat familiar singsong over the last week. Waiting for statements. Meanwhile, you might have seen the “pictures of Mugabe’s mansion” floating around… we just ran a reverse image search on those photos and it seems like the house might actually be that of Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan…

14:40 AP reports the  Zimbabwean army said it would make a statement in response to the crisis triggered by President Robert Mugabe’s refusal to go. We’re not sure when yet, but we’ll keep you in the loop….

12:59 We have a bit of insight…we now wait to hear about impeachment proceedings.

12:30 And so, we’re back to playing the waiting game and not really knowing anything. That’s been the case basically since the military took over last week.

“There’s a lot of military about” in the streets of Harare, though the situation is peaceful, reports SAFM

12:09 Well, 12:00 has come and gone and there is no word from whether Bob has called it quits – despite reports earlier that he would. We trust no one at this point in time. All the focus is currently at the university of Zimbabwe where students are refusing to write exams,

11:07 And now onto the whole thing about Mugabe’s speech apparently being swapped.

So mesmerised were we by Bob’s swirling tirade of nonsense, we might have missed something major. At first, the internet community – and the beady-eyed folks on Twitter – spotted a rather inconspicuous bit of paper-shuffling during the address.

Read the full report here.

10:59 Oh dear. Here we go again. We have learned by now not to trust any reports. There were several reports last night which said Mugabe would step down which, of course, he didn’t. The latest is a CNN report which claims Mugabe has agreed to the terms of his resignation and a letter has been drafted. CNN are quoting sources with “direct knowledge of negotiations.

The report said that the army generals had agreed to many of Mugabe’s demands.

10:40 Mutsvangwa is also throwing a conspiracy out there that Mugabe’s speech was swapped… we’ll have an update on that for you shortly.

10:29  Mutsvangwa reiterated that this was not a coup. He said the police and intelligence service had been infiltrated by the G40 cabal (the Grace Mugabe faction) and the army had to step in.

We are very happy. It was understood by the whole region that this was never a coup

10:28 Former Zimbabwean War Veterans Minister Christopher Mutsvangwa has held a press conference. He says the war veterans are seeking a declaration order from the high court which will declare the actions of the military as constitutionally permissible.


08:59 Were you left dumbfounded by Mugabe’s refusal resign last night? Well, you aren’t on your own. Newspapers from across the world reflected the shock and anguish of his decision in their front pages today.

08:26 Things are fairly calm at present while everyone is trying to make sense of things. The mood in Harare, according to reporters on the ground, is rejected. People are going about their business. Perhaps, though, there’s not all that much surprise. This last-grasp cling to power has, of course, characterised Mugabe’s tenure.

08:03 President Robert Mugabe’s son-in-law Simba Chikore has resigned from Air Zimbabwe (AirZim), a year after he was controversially appointed chief operations officer, reports bulawayo24.com.

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07:52 The MDC-T has unsuccessfully tried to impeach Robert Mugabe in the past, but now the ruling ZANU-PF has turned against him. – AP