Mob justice zandspruit

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Horrific: Alleged ‘mob justice’ attack kills four near Roodepoort

It’s believed that four men, found severely burned at the scene in Zandspruit, fell victim to a particularly gruesome mob justice attack.

Mob justice zandspruit

Photo: Unsplash

Police and emergency teams have been summoned to a horrendous crime scene on Wednesday, after an alleged ‘mob justice’ incident took the lives of four people – and severely injured another five. This chilling act of vigilantism took place in Zandspruit, which is just to the north of Roodeport in Gauteng.

‘Mob justice’ killings in Zandspruit, Roodepoort – what we know so far:

The details surrounding this incident are still sketchy, but local authorities remain on the scene for further investigations. It’s understood that angered members of the community rounded up the nine men, and dragged them to a field before setting them on fire. The survivors have been sent to hospital in a critical condition, with ‘multiple burn wounds’.

The four victims declared dead had passed away before the paramedics could roll out any treatment for them. Local authorities are sticking to their verdict that this was the result of mob justice, after pointing out the presence of community members near the location where this horrific act took place.

Crime scene described by first responders

In a statement published on Wednesday, ER24 – the first responders in Zandspruit – confirmed several major details for us. According to the emergency care specialists, a ‘smouldering tire’ was still burning when medics arrived.

“Four men were killed and five others critically injured in an alleged mob justice incident in Zandspruit this morning. ER24 paramedics were called to the scene by the local authorities, arriving at 8:00. Medics found nine men bound, lying in the middle of the field near a smouldering tire. A large gathering of community members had circled the area.”

“Medics assessed the men and found that four had already succumbed to their numerous burn wounds. Nothing could be done for them, and they were declared dead. Five other men were found with multiple burn wounds and were in critical condition. They were given life support interventions – before being transported to nearby provincial hospitals.”