ramaphosa xi jinping recession

Xi Jinping and Cyril Ramaphosa meeting on 24 July 2018 – (PresidencyZA / Twitter)

China’s Xi Jinping shows support for SA’s policy on land reform

Ramaphosa and co. are in Beijing to co-chair the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation.

ramaphosa xi jinping recession

Xi Jinping and Cyril Ramaphosa meeting on 24 July 2018 – (PresidencyZA / Twitter)

President Cyril Ramaphosa, on his state visit in Beijing, confirmed that Chinese President, Xi Jinping, has indicated his support for South Africa’s land reform policy.

Jinping hosted Ramaphosa at the State House on Sunday, 2 September, along with other South African cabinet ministers.

Referring to US President Donald Trump’s recent tweets, Ramaphosa charged at those who were hellbent on spreading the wrong message about the country’s historic transition.

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Ramaphosa indicates Xi Jinping accepts land reform policy

He stated that

“the fear that had been propagated around the country is subsiding.”

He also indicated that Jinping is fully aware of what the South African government is trying to achieve with land reform.

“He said, ‘as you address this matter, make sure that South Africa does transform and change the architecture of your land holdings from what it’s been in the past‘,” he added.

Ramaphosa made it clear to business leaders in China that the dispossession of land from black people is the catalyst in today’s dire economic situation, where the majority of South Africa’s population is not active in the economy.

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The promise of what seems to be a growing relationship between SA and China

He added that the land reform policy sought to address those wounds. Seeing that this is Ramaphosa’s first state visit to China, he indicated hope that it would help consolidate the relationship between the two countries.

“Our coming here for us is a consolidation of that relationship between China and South Africa. We believe this state visit will add further impetus to our bilateral relations,” Ramaphosa stated.

Ramaphosa is set to co-chair the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation.

Xi Jinping’s visit two months ago, according to Ramaphosa, is an indication of the fact that both countries understand the need to strengthen high-level exchanges, deepen mutual trust and exchanges between government.