South Africa coronavirus china

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Coronavirus: Texas genetics company claims to have created a vaccine

It’s reported that the vaccine will undergo animal trials in the United States and China.

South Africa coronavirus china

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A genetics engineering company in Texas, US, has come forth with claims that it has developed a vaccine for the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

As reported by the New York Post, Greffex Inc. says it has completed the vaccine this week at its laboratory in Aurora, Colorado. These comments were made by the company’s Chief Executive Officer, John Price, who recently spoke to the Houston Business Journal.

Is there a vaccine for coronavirus? Here’s what we know

In the report, Price explained that what they have is a possible cure that was developed using adenovirus-based vector vaccines. What this means is that the vaccine was not developed using a living — or killed — virus.

“The trick in making a vaccine is can you scale the vaccine that you’ve made to be able to make a certain number of doses, can you test that vaccine quickly and efficiently and then can you get it into patients. And that’s where we have an edge as well on the other companies that are out there,” Price claimed in the report.

Price further reported that the vaccine will go to animal trials, overseen by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US and other regulatory bodies in China and other heavily affected countries.

At this time, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has not released any comments in this regard.

Latest updates on the virus outbreak

South Korea has become the second country, outside of China, with the highest number of reported coronavirus cases. Currently, the number of infected patients stands at 204.

On Friday, South Korean health officials confirmed 100 new cases, 87 of which were connected to a church in Daegu, a city with a population of 2.5 million people.

As reported by the New York Times, the church has more than 200 000 members worldwide and at this time, it is not known if there are any others from the church who may be infected.

According to the latest figures that came in from WHO on Friday, the coronavirus has claimed an estimated 2,247 lives, with tens of thousands more infected.