Bungee-jumping date turns fata

Bungee-jumping date turns fatal: Woman plunges to her death

The woman heard a signal telling her boyfriend it was safe to jump but mistakenly thought it was it was meant for her

Bungee-jumping date turns fata

A date between a 25-year-old woman and her boyfriend went horribly wrong this week in Colombia, following what authorities claim was a “communication mishap” during a bungee-jumping trip. According to El Tiempo, the woman, Yecenia Morales, jumped off a bridge without a fastened cord.

Woman jumps to her death in bungee-jumping accident

Here’s what happened: Yecenia Morales, a first time jumper and her boyfriend, who has not been named, had travelled to a well-known bungee spot on Sunday afternoon, in Northern Colombia, as part of an excursion. The couple was apparently the 90th jumpers of the day when they approached the platform.

Operators then signalled Morales’ boyfriend, who was ahead of her in the queue, to jump. But the woman thought the cue was meant for her, and took the plunge, plummeting about 164 feet down. She reportedly died from a heart attack mid-air.

The boyfriend, who was no doubt traumatised, then rushed down to Morales. He performed CPR on her, but sadly, firefighters would later declare her dead. The man is currently being treated for some wounds he sustained when he bolted down to try and save Morales.

The local mayor for Fredonia, the town where the incident occurred, Gustavo Guzmán, has told El Tiempo that she just got confused.

“The signal was for the boyfriend to jump because he was already attached to the security equipment… They had only put the harness on her so she got confused and rushed,” he told the news outlet.

Local authorities have launched an investigation after claims that two companies offering services and supplying equipment at the site were doing so unlawfully as they were not authorised to do so.

The woman’s family have expressed their shock and grief over her death.

“My sister is a girl with all the best values​​, happy, spontaneous, with virtues that made her love her friends, and helped the people in need,” said her brother Andres.