Actress Winnie Ntshaba. Images via Instagram @winnie_ntshaba

Actress Winnie Ntshaba. Images via Instagram @winnie_ntshaba

Winnie Ntshaba: Radiant SA cinema star shines bright

Winnie Ntshaba, a resilient and influential figure in entertainment, shares her life and passion with her vast audience on social media.

Actress Winnie Ntshaba. Images via Instagram @winnie_ntshaba

Actress Winnie Ntshaba. Images via Instagram @winnie_ntshaba

Winnie Ntshaba also recognized as Bawinile Nstshaba, stands as a seamless fusion of beauty and intellect. Growing up under the guidance of her elder sister, who emphasized the importance of education. Winnie set foot into the entertainment world in 2000, marking the genesis of her remarkable journey. This early support instilled in her a drive to pursue her passions and delve into the realm of performance and storytelling.

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Her breakthrough arrived with the film Yesterday, a pivotal moment that catapulted her into the spotlight. It was her standout performance in the SABC 1 series, Generations, that etched her name in the hearts of audiences across the nation. Winnie Ntshaba’s talent and charisma elevated her into an exceptional actress and a prominent figure in the realm of television personalities. Her versatility and dedication continue to define her career, making her an icon in South Africa’s entertainment landscape.


Full NameBawinile Nstshaba 
Gender Female
Date of birth 1 September 1975
Place of birth Eshowe, South Africa
Age (At the time of publishing) 48
Zodiac sign Virgo
Nationality South African
Hair colour Black
Eye colour Black
Sexual orientation Heterosexual
Relationship status Divorced
Husband Thabo Modise (m. 2007-2014)
Occupation Actress • TV Personality
Social media accounts Instagram


Winnie Ntshaba, born on September 1, 1975, has reached the age of 48 as of 2023. Hailing from the lively province of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. She was profoundly influenced by her elder sister, a significant force that shaped her enthusiasm for both the arts and educational pursuits. Pursuing higher education at the University of Natal (Durban), as per Mzansiprofiles, she displayed unwavering dedication in obtaining a BA Drama Honours degree. In the years spanning from 1998 to 1999, Winnie immersed herself in the North West Arts Council. Where she honed her acting skills and actively participated in the production of stage plays like Urban Reality, Messiah, and Who of a Man. Throughout this transformative phase, she received guidance from distinguished theatre directors Aubrey Sekhabi and Paul Grootboom.

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Winnie Ntshaba’s journey is not merely marked by her age but is intricately woven with a narrative of passion, education, and artistic growth. Her roots in KwaZulu Natal served as the foundation for her artistic endeavors, and the academic pursuit at the University of Natal was a crucial chapter in her narrative. The period with the North West Arts Council played a pivotal role. Providing her with the platform to refine her acting skills under the esteemed guidance of directors Sekhabi and Grootboom. Shaping her into the accomplished individual she is today.


After completing her studies, Winnie Ntshaba joined the North West Arts Council from 1998 to 1999. Contributing to the creation of artistic works like MessiahWho of a Man, and Urban Reality under the guidance of directors Paul Grootboom and Aubrey Sekhabi. Relocating to Johannesburg in 2000, she initially engaged in industrial and educational theatre productions with AREPP Shoestring Productions, honing her skills over four years.

As per Briefly, her breakthrough came with her role in Jozi Streets, a locally produced TV drama, and the film Yesterday in the same year. Ntshaba’s career blossomed as she took on lead roles in productions like Shreds and Dreams, while also featuring in supporting roles in works like Russian Services Lethal Force and Blow under Uwelyn’s direction.

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In 2013, amidst personal highs and lows, she established the Royalty Soapie Awards, honouring excellence in soap operas. Following initial challenges, the awards faced difficulties but she persisted, despite criticism from peers. Ntshaba reinvigorated her career in 2015 with appearances in The Road and Generations Season 1. Which catapulted her to fame as Khethiwe.

This success opened doors for roles in Isibaya, Isithembiso as Lihle, The Herd as MaMngadi, MTV Shuga as Neliswe Chauke across multiple seasons, and The River as Zodwa in its second season. Showcasing her versatility and growth in South African television.


In 2005, Winnie Ntshaba began dating Thabo Modise, a cinematographer affiliated with the SABC group. While she was still a university student. The couple tied the knot in 2006 and welcomed a son named ‘Phenyo Modise’. However, despite their efforts, as per The Kasiboy, their relationship couldn’t withstand the trials of time. After seven years of marriage, Ntshaba initiated divorce proceedings in 2013. Leading to their estrangement following the dissolution of their marriage.

Despite their differences, the estranged couple occasionally reunites to provide love and support for their son. Ntshaba has expressed her desire for her next marriage to be enduring. Emphasizing her commitment to a lasting union and acknowledging that her divorce from her ex-husband stemmed from ignorance and neglect.


With an impressive 731k followers on Instagram, Winnie holds a significant stature in the entertainment domain, showcasing a strong online presence. Hence, her account serves as a means to express her viewpoints on diverse subjects. Further, endorse her ventures, and engage with her fan base, fostering connections through shared interests and experiences.

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