How to track SASSA R350 grant

You can now apply for the SRD grant on WhatsApp.
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Will SASSA cards be valid beyond 31 March? Here’s what you need to know

SASSA is refuting social media misinformation and claims regarding the expiry of the card. Here’s what it had to say.

How to track SASSA R350 grant

You can now apply for the SRD grant on WhatsApp.
Photo: Supplied

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) said there have been rumours regarding the expiry of the SASSA-SAPO. Setting the record straight, it said the card will not expire on 31 March 2021 as was spread on social media. The card will still be valid beyond 31 March 2021 and will not stop working but there are some points to note. 


SASSA said the cards will have to be replaced as indicated by the SA Reserve Bank report, however, there is no set date by which time this must be done.  

“SASSA clients have the right to choose their payment method and there is nothing that forces the clients who are currently being paid through the South Africa Post Office (SAPO) to change to bank accounts. They will still be paid using the current SASSA-SAPO card beyond April 2021,” it said. 

“Information on the card replacement will be made public in due course,” it added. 


While SASSA released its February payment dates last month, we have it here if you missed it. According to the agency, all SASSA clients will be receiving grants as follows for February 2021:

  • Older person’s grant: Will be paid from 3 February 2021 This includes any grants linked to these accounts;
  • Disability grants: Will be paid from 4 February 2021. This includes any grants linked to these account; 
  • All other grants will be paid from 5 February 2021.

The SASSA R350 grant has not been renewed and there will be no new payments in February as previously reported by The South African. 

SASSA clients are reminded that they do not have to withdraw their funds on the day that they are available – once in the account, including the SASSA/SAPO card account, the funds can be accessed anytime during the month.


On Wednesday this week, Police Minister Bheki Cele addressed the dreaded event in which some of society’s most vulnerable were sprayed with water by means of a water cannon outside SASSA offices in Bellville. 

According to police, the beneficiaries who were queuing outside the offices last month were not adhering to social distancing protocols which led to a regrettable and heavy-handed reaction from police. 

Here’s what Cele had to say; 

“I’m saying that police on this one really dropped the ball and did what we are not supposed to do. We are here to try and correct that,” he said.  

Watch the full video here.