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Zweli Mkhize ‘open’ to face questions at the State Capture Inquiry

Will we get a showdown between Raymond Zondo and Zweli Mkhize at the State Capture Inquiry? The health minister says it’s ‘game on’.

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Health Minister Zweli Mkhize has issued a statement on Tuesday, after he was accused of benefiting from a dodgy PRASA tender. Ex-rail boss Lucky Montana has gone public with his claims that the former ANC Treasurer was using the firm to channel money into the party illegally – but Mkhize has strenuously denied this version of events.

Will the Health Minister go to the State Capture Inquiry?

It’s certainly been a busy year for Zweli Mkhize, and it seems he will soon have more on his plate to deal with. Allegations of corruption against one of the most senior officials in the country will certainly turn a head or two – including Raymond Zondo’s: There is now talk that Mkhize could soon appear in front of the State Capture Inquiry.

But don’t expect the ANC stalwart to run for the hills any time soon. Mkhize remains open to facing the Zondo Commission, and praised the panel for its work so far. According to his spokesperson, the minister believes it is vital that ‘senior leaders account for any allegations’ made against their name.

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“Dr. Mkhize and the ANC have previously issued statements on this matter refuting the allegations that it had appointed individuals to receive and channel monies on behalf of the ANC, flowing from the PRASA Swifambo tender. The allegations made by Mr. Montana are unfounded and false – but we will not start ‘mudslinging’ with him.”

“We agree that these such allegations must be put to a formal and independent process: Zweli Mkhize thus acknowledges that the Commission into State Capture has the powers to fully investigate these matters. He remains fully committed and in support of the work of the Commission.”

“He will provide whatever information and or clarity that may be required from him as the former ANC Treasurer-General by the Commission. This is borne from his belief that all citizens including senior leaders of the society have the obligation to account and answer to any allegations levelled against them when called upon to do so.”

Zweli Mkhize’s official statement