Why 112 isn’t answering your e

Why 112 isn’t answering your emergency calls

Have you called 112 in an emergency without an answer? Here’s why some calls get dropped, and what you can do about it.

Why 112 isn’t answering your e

Have you called 112 in an emergency without an answer? The country’s national emergency hotline receives calls every second, but doesn’t always pick up the phone. Emergencies can become more dangerous when you can’t reach the necessary people.

Why doesn’t the emergency hotline answer?

Medical and criminal emergencies go to this important number.

Dropped calls and technical problems have plagued the hotline for years.

Here’s more about this story, and who else there is to call.

Why 112 isn’t answering

South Africa has confusing emergency numbers, according to GroundUp.

There’s the three-digit number, but you can also call 10111 in emergencies. Both numbers reach the same call centre, though three-digits call from mobile numbers.

South Africa’s earlier emergency number, 10177, has been phased out. Most people will remember this as an older emergency services number.

Callers reach the mainframe, which asks your type of emergency. You are redirected to fire, ambulance, or police services after your selection.

Unfortunately, South Africans report dropped calls and no answer.

Calling 112: No answer?

The number is a safety measure, but it’s not very safe when nobody picks up calls. Calling 112 with no answer is a problem if you have an emergency.

It’s been happening to more South Africans. It could happen to you.

Network downtime can trigger dropped calls.

Sometimes, understaffed call centres are the problem. There aren’t enough people to answer South Africa’s emergencies.

Dropped call?

Call again.

Calling 112 or 10111: Which is it?

Both contact numbers are valid.

Use the three-digit contact number from a mobile phone. Calls are toll-free.

Provide all the details you can about the emergency. Don’t call emergency services without a valid reason.

Answer questions calmly.

If calls drop, call again.

The SAPS station list

Know your SAPS.

Get to know your local station’s phone number

The South African Police Service has a list of stations. Every police station is listed here with their contact number.

Reach your nearest police station if you can’t call emergency numbers.

The hotline sends you to your closest station, and you can call them directly.

Other ways to contact SAPS

Hotlines aren’t the only way to speak to SAPS.

You can also visit their website for contact information.

Reports about crime and criminal activity go to Crime Stop. Contact the hotline at: +27 86 001 0111.

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