Tracy Zille

Image via: @TracyZille / Twitter

Who is Tracy Zille? EFF official allegedly controversial Twitter figure

The now controversial words, Tracy Zille, have been trending for the last week on Twitter. If you didn’t know, here’s why.

Tracy Zille

Image via: @TracyZille / Twitter

A Twitter account with more than 30 000 followers, labelled as Tracy Zille, has recently been trending for all the wrong reasons. Believe it or not, the account’s racially insensitive tweets could just be the surface. 

Jean Le Roux, a research associate with the Digital Forensic Research Lab (DFRLab), claims that it’s a fake account and there’s one person behind the image of a white woman named Tracy Zille, benefiting financially from the outrage of hurtful and distressing tweets. 


According to intensive research done by Le Roux and the team, it’s suggested that an Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) official is behind the contentious account. 

Posting the research to Twitter, Le Roux captioned it saying: 

“Earlier this week, #TracyZille was propelled to the top of SA’s trending lists by her controversially racist tweets. My investigation for @DFRLab tracked down the man making money from the account: a government official and EFF councillor from Makhado.”

According to Le Roux, the despicable tweets were designed to spark outrage, which it no doubt did. The furore — as Le Roux calls it — generated by the tweets was used to funnel users to at least three of the schemer’s websites, where he allegedly hoped to score an income. 

So who is this EFF official? Well, according to Le Roux, all signs, arrows and magnets point to Anthony Matumba, who is allegedly employed by the Makhado Local Municipality in Limpopo. 

“Matumba has registered multiple websites in his name, which he monetised using Google’s AdSense,” said Le Roux. 

“In order to drive traffic to these sites and increase the ad revenue they generated, several Twitter accounts spammed links to the websites, mostly in reply to prominent Twitter personalities. One of these accounts, @TracyZille, quickly rose to dubious prominence due to the racist tweets it put out in late June 2020,” he added. 


The tweets that arose from the Tracy Zille account are defamatory and racially insensitive, to say the least. 

Here are some of the things, the account has tweeted recently: 

“Funny how Blacks complain about how banks give them loans for cars but don’t want to give them business and house loans. Listen here, they are not your banks. Build your own banks & stop complaining. U are the only race in the world without a major bank.”

“Jesus Christ was a Whiteman. He didn’t have even a single Black disciple from the 12. He didn’t heal even a single Black person in the Bible. He died without setting a foot in Africa. If Jesus Christ died for Blacks why are they suffering in Africa and working for us Whites?”

A link to Le Roux’s detailed research for DFRLab can be found here.