Gomolemo Legae Karabo Bahurutshe

Photo: Sellwane Khakhau / SABC

Gomolemo Legae: What we know about her alleged killer, Karabo Bahurutshe

Another young woman has been slaughtered in South Africa. Karabo Bahurutshe is accused of murdering 19-year-old Gomolemo Legae in North West.

Gomolemo Legae Karabo Bahurutshe

Photo: Sellwane Khakhau / SABC

The death of Gomolemo Legae has sparked a wave of outrage across South Africa, as the 19-year-old becomes the latest victim of a brutal femicide. Following his first appearance in court on Wednesday, we can reveal that Karabo Bahurutshe – also aged 19 – has been identified as the suspected killer in North West.

It’s believed that the teenager sought his victim out on her way home. Bahurutshe is said to have stabbed her in a frenzy before pouring petrol on the student and burning her. Legae managed to seek help and identify her killer to a community member before she sadly passed away.

Here’s what we know about the accused:

Who killed Gomolemo Legae? What we know about Karabo Bahurutshe

Basic information

  • Name: Karabo Bahurutshe
  • Age: 19
  • Home: Ramasodi Village, North West
  • Bail status: The defendant has turned down a bail application, meaning he will stay behind bars.
  • Details of his arrest: A day after committing this heinous crime, Bahurutshe’s brother handed him over to SAPS. He was also spotted on CCTV buying the petrol he used to torch Gomolemo Legae.

What Karabo Bahurutshe has been charged with

We reported earlier on Wednesday that he had fatally stabbed and set alight his victim. It was revealed in court that Bahurutshe also raped his victim. In total, he is facing two very serious charges of murder and rape. Although he didn’t stab Legae “25 times” as some reports indicate, he did knife the victim repeatedly.

When Karabo Bahurutshe will be back in court

You can expect him to appear in court again on Friday 21 February 2020. He will remain behind bars for Christmas and the New Year. Karabo Bahurutshe has not yet entered a plea, but he is likely to do so during the upcoming return to The Mmabatho Magistrate’s Court, just outside of Mahikeng.

Gomolemo Legae: Defendant gets fierce reception from the gallery

The suspect was greeted with boos, jeers and the fire and fury of a community appaled by such disgusting behaviour. A few local media sources were on hand to ensure he couldn’t keep his face hidden, too: