Herman Mashaba political party johannesburg

Image via: Veli Nhlapo

Senior DA leader resigns from role to join Herman Mashaba’s project

Herman Mashaba has just scored himself a political coup. The DA’s regional leader in Johannesburg has resigned so he can work with the former mayor.

Herman Mashaba political party johannesburg

Image via: Veli Nhlapo

The influential former Mayor of Johannesburg Herman Mashaba has flexed his muscles on Monday morning, after revealing that the DA’s chairperson and caucus leader in the metro (Funzi Ngobeni) has quit his role with the official opposition to join The People’s Dialogue.

Herman Mashaba’s new “political party” takes shape

With the ex-mayor’s new political party set to be up and running “by June”, The People’s Dialogue is a precursor of what’s to come. Herman Mashaba will certainly see this a major coup for his organisation, and but for the swing of a few votes, Ngobeni would have replaced Mashaba as Johannesburg’s mayor in 2019.

Ngobeni is ditching the DA to follow Herman Mashaba, and he’ll be joined by another stalwart from the Blues. Paul Boughey, who used to serve as the DA’s CEO, is “working closely” with The People’s Dialogue on matters of policy and strategy.

Understandably, Mashaba – who quit the DA last October as Helen Zille returned to a senior leadership role – is beaming with his new acquisitions. He said that both new members had ‘passed through the eye of a needle’ in a very rigorous vetting process:

“Today I am pleased to announce that The People’s Dialogue has received two skilled, experienced and great South Africans into our ranks… Funzi Ngobeni has proven himself as a strong leader, committed to doing what’s right. He was the previous MMC for Finance and Leader of Executive Business.”

“Paul Boughey is another skilled leader: He brings an immense amount of strategic experience to the work of establishing our political party. Those who join us must pass through the eye of the needle and prove they can be servants of the people.”

Herman Mashaba

What is The People’s Dialogue?

The People’s Dialogue has been going since the turn of the year, and Herman Mashaba is looking to utilise the skills that saw him win over millions of Joburgers during his time as mayor. Granted, he had his critics, but Mashaba left office along with high praise from colleagues in the EFF.

To bridge the gap between the DA and the Red Berets took some doing in a coalitian government, and he’s hoping to keep this cooperative spirit going in his latest venture. You can read his full statetement here: