‘White people are worse than H

‘White people are worse than Hitler’! Mcebo Dlamini

First he praises Hitler and now he’s somehow changed his tune to putting all white South Africans in the same camp as the Fuhrer.

‘White people are worse than H

Look, despite his anti-Semitic outbursts and praise for a man responsible for tens of millions of deaths throughout the Second World War; there’s something to be said about the completely misguided notion of a non-Arian person praising Adolf Hitler.

Folly aside, Mcebo has gone one step further and compared all white South Africans to Hitler. News24 also reported that he bashed Jewish folks yet again and even took on the minister of Higher Education, Blade Nzimande, calling him “anti black.”

He went on to say that he is a rebel black slave, that black people need to decolonise their minds of white notions – this as he was waving his Apple iPad in the air at a rally – and take back ownership of the land.

While few people can make sense of Mcebo’s rants, perhaps the PAC of old would have been able to find space for him among their ranks.