princess charlene

Image: Marco Piovanotto/ABACAPRESS.COM

Princess Charlene: Monaco royal to remain in SA until end of October

Princess Charlene has been stuck in SA since January recovering from serious ear surgery, and has to wait a little longer to return to Monaco.

princess charlene

Image: Marco Piovanotto/ABACAPRESS.COM

Princess Charlene has revealed that she won’t be able to return to her husband and children in Monaco until the end of October. The Princess has been recovering from a serious surgery she underwent on her ear in January, with an inability to equalise at high pressure leaving her grounded in SA. 

‘I can’t force my healing’  

Speaking to 702, Charlene said that despite only returning to her home country of South Africa at the beginning of the year with plans to stay for just shy of a fortnight, her recovery has been arduous and she has been prevented from flying home. 

“Initially I was supposed to be here for 10 to 12 days, unfortunately, I had a problem equalising my ears,” Charlene explained, adding that she can’t expedite her recovery. 

“I found out through the doctors that I had a sinus infection and quite a serious one. So, it’s taking time to address this problem that I’m having,” she said. 

“I cannot force healing, so I will be grounded in South Africa until the end of October.” 

The delay has kept her apart from her husband, Prince Albert, and her two children for over seven months. 

Charlene wishes Tokyo Olympics athletes well  

Charlene hasn’t been sulking during her time in SA though, having spent a great deal of her stay back home working with charities related to rhino conservation. 

She’s also been tuning into the Tokyo Olympics to support her compatriots. As an olympian herself, she said that she empathises with the athletes at the delayed summer games, who are endeavouring to muster astounding competitive feats amidst a global pandemic. 

“I really salute the athletes that have taken a very high risk to be in Japan during a pandemic. It’s not easy for the parents, it’s not easy for the athletes. As a former Olympian, I don’t think I would have taken the risk myself of going that far,” she said. 

“The determination and the sacrifice that these athletes have made, they are my heroes. My congratulations to the parents to the families that are watching their children compete to win a medal. For me they’re all gold medalists.”