Jacob Zuma Nkandla

Photo by Emmanuel Croset / AFP

‘Just in time for a long weekend’ – Jacob Zuma reportedly back in Nkandla

With Heritage Day on the horizon, Jacob Zuma has, apparently, spent his first night back at Nkandla since he was incarcerated in July.

Jacob Zuma Nkandla

Photo by Emmanuel Croset / AFP

It’s understood that former president Jacob Zuma has returned home to his Nkandla complex, almost three months after he was sentenced to spend 15 months behind bars. However, Msholozi barely spent a month in a prison cell, and has since been granted medical parole following a long stay in hospital.

Jacob Zuma allegedly ‘back in Nkandla’

Several sources who spoke to TimesLive confirmed that the ex-head of state slept at Nkandla on Wednesday night, and other reports claim that his health has improved enough for him to manage his illness from home.

Questions had been raised about when exactly Msholozi would return to his sprawling homestead in KZN. In the days before he was whisked off to prison, large crowds gathered outside of his home to show their support for the ailing 79-year-old. It’s understood the family was keen to avoid a similar event this time, however.

Where is Jacob Zuma?

The supposed transfer back to his estate has been a low-key affair, with fears about security and potential COVID-19 transmission amongst supporters dictating a more serene process on this occasion.

Jacob Zuma has apparently been deemed well enough to leave hospital, but he remains absent from the courtroom. The corruption trial against him ran for two days this week, and was adjourned until 26 October by Justice Koen. Allegedly, uBaba left his medical facility shortly after proceedings came to a close on Wednesday.

Suspicion over medical status remains

His medical issues remain a mystery, and attempts to have them disclosed in the Pietermaritzburg High Court over the past few days have fallen short. Zuma’s old friend from the State Security Agency, Arthur Fraser, has come in for criticism, after he made a judgment call to grant medical parole – thanks to his new role in Correctional Services.

Indeed, the cynics have been out in force on social media…