FAKE Doctor arrested Gauteng vanderbijlpark

Photo: Twitter

Gauteng: Health clinic closed after officials bust ‘fake doctor’ [photos]

Gauteng law enforcement officials made a shocking discovery on Wednesday, after they found a ‘fake doctor’ operating in Vanderbijlpark.

FAKE Doctor arrested Gauteng vanderbijlpark

Photo: Twitter

MEC for Community Safety Faith Mazibuko has revealed that a routine COVID compliance patrol in Gauteng turfed-out a ‘fake doctor’ operating in Vanderbijlpark. The extraordinary discovery was made public on Wednesday after the bogus practitioner was caught by law enforcement officials, accompanying the politician on her rounds.

Police officers stand outside the doctor’s surgery where the fake medical worker was discovered – Photo: Twitter

Fake doctor found operating in Vanderbijlpark

Mazibuko issued a statement on the matter earlier this afternoon. She confirmed that the doctor had been arrested and taken into police custody and that the surgery in question was forcibly being shut-down due to ‘non-compliance’. The clinic had failed to meet the basic safety requirements needed to operate during the pandemic.

“The surgery has been closed due to non-compliance and for employing an [unqualified] doctor. Officials from the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) were part of the unannounced visit at the surgery. The bogus doctor was then arrested in Vanderbijlpark.”

Faith Mazibuko
Details of the offending surgery have been made public by the Gauteng MEC, and Chericha Day Clinic has now been shut down – Photo: Twitter

Another ‘fake doctor’ caught in Gauteng

This isn’t the first time Gauteng has been stung by a bogus doctor in recent times. Last year, a 45-year-old Congolese man was charged with a string of crimes for illegally practicing in Hillbrow. Investigators found drugs that appeared to be government stock, as well as medicine intended for use in Zimbabwean public health facilities.

Police also discovered a 20-litre bucket filled with used needles and other medical equipment like ultrasound machines on the premises. Medical claims, sick notes, ARVs, family planning medication, bandages, and drips were also unearthed.

Vanderbijlpark clinic closed down

Our latest suspect from Vanderbijlpark also had an impressive haul of illegal stock upon his person:

Out-of-date medication and piles of prescription pads were found during Wednesday’s bust – Photo: Twitter