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COGTA Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma – Photo: GCIS / FLICKR

Legal experts taking ANC to court – to END the State of Disaster!

Endgame is approaching for South Africa’s lockdown rules, it seems and the State of Disaster may face its biggest legal challenge yet.

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COGTA Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma – Photo: GCIS / FLICKR

Legal heavyweights have vowed to bring the ANC government to court, in a bid to end the COVID-drive State of Disaster laws once and for all. Controversially, the regulations were extended to 15 February 2022 last week.

State of Disaster set for court challenge

Both Solidariteit and AfriForum are teaming up to force a return to pre-pandemic normality. A statement issued by the trade union on Tuesday has threatened to fight the issue in court, arguing that the SoD has now run its course.

As outlined by Solidariteit, the extension of the State of Disaster must end because COVID-19 has now become ‘endemic’, and prolonged restrictions are causing ‘more economic uncertainty’.

“The Solidarity Movement took a stand today by stating that there is no further reason why the current State of Disaster, which has been in operation for about 22 months, should remain in force.”

“According to Dirk Hermann, CEO of Solidarity, says that the current state of disaster creates great uncertainty for workers, companies and the economy in general, and it must therefore be ended. Both AfriForum and Solidarity will continue to initiate legal action in order to ask the courts to end the State of Disaster.”

Solidariteit statement

Legal experts ‘confident’ they beat the ANC

Fresh from a significant victory in court this week, AfriForum will fancy their chances against the government once more. The organisation managed to overturn a decision made by the Education Department, which would have prevented the publication of 2021’s matric results in the media this week.

Jacques Broodryk, AfriForum’s campaign manager, remains bullish about the prospect of forcing the State of Disaster to expire. The group, after all, have successfully pressured changes to curfew measures and religious gatherings.

Should the State of Disaster come to a conclusion, South Africa would then be freed from virus restrictions for the first time since March 2020 – and Broodryk believes there are now plenty of reasons to be optimistic.

“AfriForum has already taken on several of the government’s outrageous measures, including the curfew rule, state quarantine camps and the ban on religious gatherings. It is now high time that the state of disaster is lifted in its entirety, ”

Jacques Broodryk