eff elections 2024

Photo: Siyabulela Duda/ Flickr

EFF lead calls to push elections back by three years

No voting until 2024? Well, according to the EFF, it’s a real possibility. The Red Berets are supportive of proposals to ‘combine all elections’.

eff elections 2024

Photo: Siyabulela Duda/ Flickr

The EFF has stated that our next visit the ballot boxes should be postponed until 2024. Local elections to determine who runs municipal councils were meant to be held next year, but the coronavirus crisis has thrown the entire voting process into doubt.

When might the 2021 Local Elections be held?

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has tentatively targeted the period of August – November 2021 for the elections to be held, giving South Africa a minimum of 13 months to prepare. However, with epidemiologists forecasting that COVID-19 could hang around ‘for years’, voter safety is a huge concern.

Any shift to ‘online voting’ would need to be strictly regimented and swiftly implemented. But, for some parties, the turnaround is too much to ask for. In a statement issued earlier on Thursday, the EFF presented an alternative suggestion: They want the Municipal Elections of 2021 to be pushed back for three years:

EFF suggest ‘all-in-one’ voting model

According to the communication, this unprecedented step would give elected officials more time to enact promises made about service delivery without the distraction of campaigning ‘in the way’. They state that Local, Government and National Elections could all be held on the same ballot in 2024:

“We are on record in calling for the combining of National, Provincial and Local Government Elections and for this process to begin in the year 2024. This will not only preserve the resources of government but will be a measure to heighten voter participation and ensure that those elected focus on their promised mandates.”

“It would allow parties to exit a model where they are in a permanent state of contesting for votes. The IEC already has permission to postpone by-elections in light of the pandemic. We, therefore, urge them to prepare for a postponement of the 2021 Local Elections in favour of a single general election for all governments.”

EFF statement on the possible postponement of the Local Elections