Level 1 Lockdown laws

Photo: GCIS / Flickr

Lockdown restrictions latest: Ramaphosa ‘may address the nation’ next week

It’s time for ‘Fellow South Africans’ bingo, as the threat of a coronavirus third wave looks set to force Cyril Ramaphosa into another televised address.

Level 1 Lockdown laws

Photo: GCIS / Flickr

Zweli Mkhize has confirmed that the wheels are turning quickly within the National Coronavirus Command Council. As the third wave of COVID-19 approaches, interventions on our lockdown restrictions WILL be needed to address the spread. Things are getting mightily real – with both the NCCC and Cyril Ramaphosa now set to spring into action.

Will we get a ‘family meeting’ with Ramaphosa next week?

The health minister appeared on SABC earlier this morning, to discuss the resurgence of the virus. Daily cases have hit a three-month high, and Free State is already in official ‘third wave’ territory. The Northern Cape is set to follow, and five other provinces are also likely to struggle with a rapidly rising infection rate.

According to Mr. Mkhize, there will be a significant meeting of the NCCC to discuss which Level 1 regulations must be tightened before the third wave becomes a tsunami. This *could* be followed by an address to the nation from President Ramaphosa, but this is yet to be confirmed by any senior office.

What lockdown restrictions are up for review?

We haven’t had a family meeting since Easter, where Cyril announced a very light booze ban and other gentle lockdown restrictions. However, the government is likely to ‘up the ante’ this time around – with gatherings and travel rules firmly in the firing line for the Command Council:

“A difficult time is coming. President Cyril Ramaphosa might address the nation following next week’s meeting, or he may not. The numbers are increasing, so we are formulating a strong response to it. Unless you act quickly, you won’t be able to stop the third wave. Right now, we are concerned. We know we have to prepare some interventions…”

“We are going to look at additional restrictions. That’s up for discussion for the National Coronavirus Command Council. We are going to recommend that there should be a more focus on the size of the gatherings and look at the focus of the measures released when we thought the situation is more improved. When numbers rise, we increase restrictions.”

Zweli Mkhize