R350 SRD grant December

Lindiwe Zulu has admitted that the R350 grant will be made available to FEWER people -Photo: Supplied

Applying for the R350 grant? Here are five things you MUST not do

From Friday, SASSA will allow South Africans to apply for their R350 grant again. But there are some common mistakes that claimants should avoid.

R350 SRD grant December

Lindiwe Zulu has admitted that the R350 grant will be made available to FEWER people -Photo: Supplied

The R350 grant will be open for millions of applicants on Friday 6 August, after Minister Lindiwe Zulu confirmed the support scheme would eventually payout by the last week of the month. As South Africans head back to the SASSA portal to claim what is rightfully theirs, we thought it would be helpful to list some actions that should be avoided.

How to apply for the new R350 grant – all the major don’ts

DON’T apply for the grant on any other website – apart from the official one

All applications will be done electronically, through the website at https://srd.sassa.gov.za. You can also apply via WhatsApp on 082 046 8553, or USSD line *134*7737#.

And that’s it – the R350 grant has helped millions, but it has also fallen victim to heartless scammers looking to exploit desperate citizens. So please, just stick to THESE methods.

DON’T submit an application if you’re ineligible

You must meet these criteria listed below: If you don’t, then there will be no R350 grant for you. All applicants must be:

  • A South African Citizen, permanent resident, asylum seeker, or refugee registered with Home Affairs.
  • Currently residing within the borders of the Republic of South Africa
  • Above the age of 18 and below the age of 60
  • Unemployed
  • Not receiving any other social grant or COVID-19 support, unemployment insurance benefit, or stipend from (NSFAS)
  • Living outside of a government funded or subsidised institution
  • Caregivers who are not receiving any grant on their own behalf

DON’T assume your R350 grant will resume automatically from previous payments

Because the previous SRD grant officially expired on 30 April, all people who’d previously benefited from the payment must re-apply again. This is so SASSA can assess eligibility, and all applications will be treated as new every month. There will be no automatic qualification, all applications must satisfy the criteria (as per the validation process).

DON’T apply more than once

Lindiwe Zulu was pretty clear on that front…

“Each applicant need only apply once – thereafter the application will be considered monthly. The new application will only be effective from August 2021 [and] the applications shall be considered from the month of application and paid up to 31 March 2022, provided the qualifying criteria continue to be met.”

DON’T forget to supply your supporting documents

Any potential beneficiaries will be asked to provide an ID document or affidavit to prove their identity. Once completed, you will then be required to submit proof of your banking details, contact numbers, proof of residence, and if possible, documents which show you are in need of financial support.