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WhatsApp can BLOCK chat groups – Here is how it happens

Giant American messaging app WhatsApp will no longer tolerate dubious chat groups to continue existing on its platiform.


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The days are numbered for WhatsApp groups with questionable names and reputations, the messaging app can terminate such spaces from your phone.


According to the leading technology outlet, WABetaInfo, the app will erase chat groups with unlawful names and representations. If the app does not trace these suspicious groups, people can also report them to WhatsApp for removal.

“WhatsApp can automatically end groups when they are reported multiple times from different users, or the group has suspicious information such as illegal group names and descriptions: in this case, the group may be automatically or manually ended,” the outlet said.

So how does it actually mean if a group has been shut down? The members of the group will simply not be able to send, read and receive messages on the group. Participants will also stop seeing the list of group members on it.

The app respects the privacy of users by not seeing the messages, so to nab illegal groups, it will use learning technology to track dodgy groups that have been reported by users.

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The app will also be able to restore groups that have been blocked once users report them on user’s support.

Group admins can also set up permission to change a group’s profile picture or description to “admin’s only.” This will ensure no other unauthorised persons will change the group’s profile to a suspicious group.

“WhatsApp also offers the ability to contact customer support within the ended group, so you can forward a request to restore it. Note that WhatsApp may ban group admins from using the WhatsApp service.

“What can you do to be safe? You should always follow our 10 golden rules to stay safe on WhatsApp and their Terms of Service. It’s also important to be careful about what groups you’re in: if you see a suspicious group, you should report and leave it immediately.”

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