Eskom load shedding

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Load shedding latest: Eskom confirm power cuts for Monday 10 February

We’re heading in the right direction, but Eskom still can’t keep the lights on for the week ahead. Here’s the load shedding schedule for Monday.

Eskom load shedding

Image via: Pexels

Although this upcoming load shedding schedule will be easier on the grid, the lights will still be going down across South Africa on Monday. Eskom have confirmed Stage 1 cuts will be in place for the first day of the working week, and there’s even some respite on Sunday evening.

What time will there be load shedding on Monday 10 February?

Eskom released a statement detailing their plans for the next 24 hours or so. Stage 2 cuts will remain in place until later this evening, and we get a 12-hour break between blackouts:

  • Stage 2 load shedding will be lifted at 21:00 on Sunday.
  • To accommodate rush hour traffic, Stage 1 load shedding will only be implemented at 9:00 on Monday.
  • Eskom have not given a specific time for when the Stage 1 cuts will come to an end tomorrow.

Another Eskom masterclass

Although load shedding has essentially become a daily practice in South Africa these days, our opportunities for respite will be few and far between. Eskom have warned that there is a high risk of blackouts throughout the rest of this week, and they’ve even warned that these rotational cuts will be on and off “for the next 18 months”.

  • You can read the full statement from Eskom here:

How to check your daily load shedding schedule

Eskom’s load shedding portal provides up-to-date details on the current stage of load shedding, the propensity for further rotational cuts, and an area search for direct consumers. It’s an easy-to-use search function, which, although not always 100% accurate, at least provides a rough estimate of what to expect and when.

To find out if, or when, your area or suburb will be impacted by load shedding, you first need to know whether your supply of electricity comes directly from Eskom or from the municipality. To check your daily load shedding schedule, go onto and type your suburb/village/area in the quick-search field.

You can also call Eskom’s customer contact centre at 0860 037 566. If your electricity is supplied via the municipality, you need to refer to the table in this article and contact the relative authorities – either via internet or phone.