Level 1 restrictions changes Easter lockdown

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Here today, gone tomorrow? Level 1 laws change – days before ‘Easter lockdown’

With SA likely to face tougher lockdown restrictions over Easter, the timing of these Level 1 amendments is a little confusing: Here are all the changes.

Level 1 restrictions changes Easter lockdown

Photo: Unsplash

Several key updates have been made to the Level 1 lockdown restrictions in South Africa – but how long they’ll remain in place for could be anyone’s guess: The government is set to relegate the country to a tougher Alert Phase over Easter, in a bid to prevent an explosion of COVID-19 cases during the long weekend.

Level 1 changes implemented… but they may be suspended over Easter

However, this adjusted form of lockdown shouldn’t last for too long: A proposed move to Level 2 would be in place for Easter and the following week ONLY, according to the latest murmurs from Cabinet. All being well, this shift to tougher regulations should be over shortly after our public holiday, and Mzansi will then go back to Level 1.

The changes to the Level 1 guidance, however, come at a peculiar time. One rule from Basic Education has been amended just as children take time off school, whereas a law pertaining to alcohol transportation is about one month late. Here’s what you need to know about the latest amendments – which could be put on hiatus soon.

Level 1 adjustments – what you need to know

New guidance for schools

Great news for our active schoolchildren: Sports matches, physical education, and extra-curricular activities can all resume again. Both inter-school and ‘school vs school’ tournaments will be allowed to return, too. However, these events are not allowed spectators. School teams can travel to other schools, as long as a full list of visitors is published and checked.

Updated liquor transportation rules

Why this wasn’t published alongside all other Level 1 restrictions last month, we will never know. Fikile Mbalula needed just five words to update the guidance on alcohol laws, gazetting permission for booze to be ‘transported’. As the rules should have read much earlier, it’s now legal to take alcohol to different destinations with you. Or, as Mbalula put it…

“Transportation of liquor is permitted.”

Foreign nationals allowed to stay longer

This one comes down to common sense: According to a recently issued Home Affairs directive, the extension of the validity of visas or permits referred to in paragraph 2.1 applies to visas issued for a period of fewer than 90 days – which expired during the national state of disaster. If you can’t go home due to COVID-19 restrictions, you can now stay longer in SA.