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DWS drama: Whistleblowers threaten to ‘dish the dirt’ on Lindiwe Sisulu

Lindiwe Sisulu and key aides in the water department could have criminal charges to answer to this week, as the ministry faces some serious allegations.

Lindiwe Sisulu cONSTITUTION

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Water and Sanitation Minister Lindiwe Sisulu may be in for a tough week, after it was claimed that two high-profile officials are ready to reveal all about the bad behaviour involving some members of her advisory boards – and one particularly unruly aide.

As well as having two Chief Executives of assigned water projects prepared to hand in their incriminating affidavits, the DA claim to have a different pair of whistleblowers who have presented them with ‘matters of national importance’ – also relating to Lindiwe Sisulu.

DWS aide could drag minister through the mud

Emma Powell is the deputy shadow minister for Sisulu’s department. The MP said her office has been given “dossiers of information” which will be aired publicly later this week. It’s understood the aide in question is also facing criminal charges, meaning that some information has to remain under wraps for the time being. Powell is adamant that Sisulu is “panicking” about some incredibly serious matters:

“It is clear the Minister is in a panic. Shortly prior to her announcement last night, my office received dossiers of information from two separate whistleblowers, relating to a number of matters concerning Sisulu’s department that are of national importance. These will all be aired publicly in the coming days.”

“Most importantly, the DA can confirm that we are in possession of two sworn affidavits, drafted by the Chief Executives (CE) of both Lepelle Water Board and Amatola Water Board, Phineas Legodi and Vuyo Zitumane. Lindiwe Sisulu’s statement is a pre-emptive measure designed to nullify the incredibly serious allegations contained in the affidavits.”

Emma Powell

Why Lindiwe Sisulu may be dragged into a legal nightmare

  • Both whistleblowers note the same serious allegations of political interference within the board, by a top ministerial aide closely linked to Sisulu.
  • The aide has, allegedly, served in previous ministries headed by Lindiwe Sisulu, and now occupies a senior position on yet another Ministerial Advisory Committee.
  • The claims relate to allegations of egregious impropriety on the part of the Minister’s Advisor in relation to emergency procurement processes and tenders.
  • These allegations are focused on “sand water extraction” tenders during periods of disaster – relating to both the drought and this current global health crisis.

Lindiwe Sisulu’s statement on Amatola

In a statement, the department said Sisulu had met with her advisors and received reports regarding “intensified processes” to shut down the Amatola Water Board. DWS state the decision to was not an easy one to make and several factors had to be taken into account – including the need to have a solvent institution that “strives for reliable delivery of water to the citizens of the Eastern Cape.”

“The department has applied to resolve the cases of irregular expenditure in the Department of Water and Sanitation by addressing the findings of the investigation in some of the entities over which the Ministry of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation holds jurisdiction.”

DWS statement on Saturday