SBV cash-in-transit cit robbery pretoria

A photograph of a ruined SBV cash van from an unrelated CIT heist. Photo: @bonganig / TW

Pretoria CIT robbers hit two money trucks in one day [video]

No arrests made at this time. Police are still trying to piece this one together.

SBV cash-in-transit cit robbery pretoria

A photograph of a ruined SBV cash van from an unrelated CIT heist. Photo: @bonganig / TW

Law enforcement officials in Pretoria have confirmed that two money trucks were hit by CIT robbers, on Friday. Early indications suggest that the incidents are not related.

CIT robberies in Pretoria: Where did the heists take place?

Pretoria West, Kit Kat Plaza

As reported by Times Live, the first CIT robbery took place outside the Kit Kat Plaza, on Nkomo St, Pretoria. According to police spokesperson, Col Brenda Muridili, a security guard was wounded on his right leg by armed CIT robbers as he was making his way from a store near Kit Kat Cash and Carry.

“On his way to the cash van, he was approached by a man who shot him in the right leg and robbed him of an undisclosed amount of money. The suspect and his accomplices fled the scene in a white SUV,” Muridili said.

The suspects are still at large and investigators have put out a APB on the decription of the white getaway SUV. The police spokesperson shot down claims that the suspects had made it off in an ambulance.

N1 highway, near Hammanskraal

About 55km north, on the N1 highway near Hammanskraal, traffic was at a standstill, both in and outbound, after an SBV money truck was rammed by an SUV carrying three armed suspects.

“A vehicle allegedly drove into the armoured vehicle and the  impact caused the vehicle to roll. Three suspects, all armed with rifles, got out of their car and approached the armoured vehicle. The suspects allegedly used explosives to bomb the vehicle and fled the scene with an undisclosed amount of money,” Muridili revealed.

The security company issued a statement on social media, taking note of the incident and stating that the CIT robbery was being investigated.

Fortunately, the security guards escaped the incident with injuries caused by the truck rolling after it was rammed by the SUV. Muridili was able to confirm that the guards are currently being treated at a nearby hospital.

Media personnel and onlookers who were on the scene shared videos of the aftermath on social media. The suspects,it’s believed, are still at large.