prasa johannesburg park station

Photo: Prasa security / TW

Johannesburg Park Station: looters vandalise shops, destroy ticket booths [photo]

At this time, no persons have been arrested for the looting.

prasa johannesburg park station

Photo: Prasa security / TW

Law enforcement officials have rushed to the Johannesburg Park Station to contain a situation that has gotten out of hand.

What happened at Johannesburg Park Station?

Reports have surfaced of an alleged looting incident that took place at the Johannesburg Park Station, on Tuesday afternoon. Law enforcement authorities were called to the transit station after a gang of unknown looters rushed inside and randomly attacked commuters and the shops.

While it is still a bit too early to get the full extent of the damage, it is believed that stores that service commuters have been broken into and looted, the glass of the access gates to platforms has been broken and ticketing windows have been shattered too.

While the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa) has yet to reveal the financial damage caused by the unknown vandals, it confirmed that order has temporarily been restored at the Johannesbrug Park Station and train services are expected to contiune as per normal.

“Prasa will increase security at the station along with police presence.  Prasa will not allow itself to be harassed by criminals.  We have the necessary security personnel to ensure such an incident does not repeat itself again,”  Prasa Group CEO, Dr Nkosinathi Sishi was quted as saying in an IOL News article.

Who is behind the looting?

The natonal rail agency has made a call to anyone with information on who is responsible for this to come forward. At this time, law enforcement officials have only managed to contain the violence. No arrests have been made, as yet.

This is a developing story.