Local Elections NPA

Photo: Flickr / Frank Trimbos

Local Elections: Party with the fewest votes in 2019 ‘will run again this year’

The group that came 48th out of 48 political parties two years ago are ready to do battle in the Local Elections – just don’t mention Julius Malema to them.

Local Elections NPA

Photo: Flickr / Frank Trimbos

We all love an underdog story, don’t we? Well, not if it’s Japan beating the Springboks that time… but for the most part, human nature is to root for the ‘unfancied’, in any given competition. So with the Local Elections coming up in just six weeks’ time for South Africa, the National Peoples Ambassadors (NPA) are plotting the shock of all shocks.

Who are the National Peoples Ambassadors?

This may be the first time you’ve heard of the NPA – and you’re not alone, there. With just 372 likes on Facebook, they aren’t exactly the biggest political organisation in the country. However, they do have a committed core of members who are dedicated to spreading the party’s message, even if they’re up against it more than most.

During the 2019 General Election, 48 political parties were allowed to contest the vote. The ANC romped home to a decisive national victory, with the DA and EFF settling for second and third place respectively. However, you have to go to the polar opposite end of the table to find the NPA – they finished DEAD LAST, in 48th place.

NPA looking to move on from 2019 results

With just 0.01% of the ballot going in their favour, the ‘ultra-left’ party was the only one that failed to gain more than 2 000 votes. They were almost 500 votes behind the second-bottom party (SAMEBA), and remained completely cut adrift.

They did have a bit of joy in KZN, where they earned about 65% of all their votes and finished fourth-bottom in the province when the polls closed – and actually gave Hlaudi Motsoeneng’s political party a good run for their money, finishing one place behind the flamboyant former SABC executive. But that speaks more to Hlaudi’s failure than anything else.

‘The only way is up’: What do you get with the NPA?

The NPA is anti-capitalist, anti-imperialism, pro-internationalism, and radical-left. They’ve tried to file charges of high treason against Julius Malema before, too – which is worth mentioning before they are compared with the EFF. There’s not a great deal of love between the two parties, and the ‘Ambassadors’ are keen to establish their own identity.

They released a manifesto for the Local Elections this week, promising to push for a number of policies. They will be predominantly running in districts of KZN, and hope to play to their strengths. Their pledges include the following:

  • Provide a constant supply of water to keep cities clean.
  • Ensure there is a fair supply of electricity for residents.
  • Create more local jobs.
  • Fight corruption.
  • Develop more ‘youth talent’ for employment.
  • Tackle crime with a reliance on Community Policing Forums.
  • Cancel all credit owed by homeowners.

2021 Local Elections: Will KZN lurch to the left?

Interestingly enough, a candidate called Nathi Mthethwa (no, not that one) will be running as their mayoral candidate in Alfred Duma Municipality. Okhahalamba will also host an NPA hopeful for mayor, with Musawenkosi Zakwe on the ballot.

Various wards in Uthukela will also feature NPA candidates. The group comes into the 2021 Local Elections knowing that, in reality, the only way is up for them. After all, stranger things have happened in politics